We help emergency responders go home to their families every day.

As a charitable organization that takes its name from a police officer who died in the line of duty, the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund (JPMF) does this by educating the public about its role in keeping first responders safe on the job, whether it’s making changes at their workplaces or altering their driving habits.


We have several safety resources available to emergency responders, including public service announcements (PSAs), safety videos, posters, brochures and more. We also give safety presentations to corporations, associations, agencies and at conferences.

Here are some resources that may be of interest to you:

Radio & TV PSAs

These 30-second spots are great for raising awareness in your community. View the videos and listen to these radio ads:

Contact radio stations and TV broadcasters in your area about getting air time for these PSAs and feel free to incorporate them into your press releases and media events. You can also share the PSAs online and use the videos in your safety and community presentations.

Print PSAs

These PSAs can be printed in various publications, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters and online. They can also be printed off and used as posters.

Contact publications and websites about using these PSAs and print copies to be posted in your departments, stations and offices.

Safety Video

This 10-minute safety video tells the story of Const. John Petropoulos’ death in the line of duty and offers practical workplace and traffic safety tips. It can be used in safety meetings, training exercises and at community events. It’s available online and on DVD (the DVD also includes our PSAs).

Safety Presentations

The JPMF delivers safety presentations to companies, safety organizations, trade associations and at community events and conferences. The presentations include a screening of our safety video and PSAs, and commentary by a JPMF representative, first responders and safety experts. Contact us if you’d like a public speaker to come to your area or if you would like to participate in a safety presentation. Emergency responders contribute essential safety information during Q&A sessions.


First responders are excellent members of the community. They give of themselves and their time and don’t think twice about supporting worthwhile causes.

As a charity that supports the work of emergency responders, we humbly ask you to consider making the JPMF your charity of choice when planning fundraisers and community events.

Contributions to the JPMF help us promote our existing safety resources and create new safety initiatives. We value your donations, sponsorships, volunteer time and your ideas – let us know if you have a good idea for a fundraiser or would like us to attend an event in your community.

Stay safe out there!

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