Do this job long enough, and you start to believe in ghosts.  I see them all the time.

Sitting in the front of the ambulance, returning from a call, I see the tire marks veering off the highway and ending at a tree where that girl lost control and lost her life.

I see the gas station where the car ended up after an elderly male had a stroke while driving.  The accident didn't kill him, but the stroke did.

I watch as a house drifts past my window.  That's where that college girl with all the ghastly makeup, piercings, and body modifications sliced up her arms with a razor blade and sprayed blood all over her bathroom until it looked like something had exploded in there.

There's the road leading to the beach house where the first responders did CPR, got that guy's pulse back.  Good work, guys!  While I transported him to the hospital his oxygen sats and blood pressure steadily dropped until we were doing CPR again as we pulled into the hospital garage.

That's the group home where the 22 year old developmentally disabled man dropped unconscious to the floor, went into cardiac arrest.  The coroner took so long to get there.  I sat with his father as he lay on the floor and cupped his son's head in his arms.  He begged me to remove the endotracheal tube so he could perform his last act as a loving father and clean his son's face.  He understood when I had to refuse.  I watched him cry as I agonized over the fact that I probably could have gotten away with removing the tube, but rules are rules and someday I might have to testify about whether I had ever broken THAT particular rule.

There's the bridge over the river where they pulled out the body of the homeless guy we all kind of liked.  He was as Caucasian as they come, but insisted he was full blood Native American and and picked a ridiculous name he thought was appropriate.  I still remember fondly the earlier time I walked up on the scene where a couple cops who never met him were holding him steady on his feet.  I smiled and said to him, "Well, Doctor Feathers, where do you want me to take you today?"  The looks on the cops' faces was priceless.

Ghosts are everywhere in this line of work.  It gets to the point I can barely look out the side windows any more as I drive through this city.

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