Twenty-two US delegates will leave by air from multiple USA cities and must find their way to Fulda, Germany, the site of RETTmobile 2009. click here Their first stop will be the airport in Frankfurt, Germany where they must maneuver the multilevel airport complex and locate the train station. Multiple trains will leave the airport station but the delegates should only board an express train (ICE) and avoid the local trains (IC) or risk changing trains at the main station (best to avoid). The express train ride should only take an hour and a half before arriving in Fulda.

Fulda, Germany, a small picturesque town, is the site of RETTmobile European Emergency Services Exhibition. Exhibitors from 12 European countries will demonstrate and display a wide range of the emergency vehicle equipment, emergency medicine products, clothing, radios, and other related emergency products. Workshops, medical-rescue advanced training and expert’s meeting round out the trade fair and exposition.

The US delegates will be hosted by the EMS Safety Foundation and Dr. Nadine Levick, founder and research director. Dr. Levick, a public health professional who trained at Johns Hopkins, has single-handedly decided to do something about ambulance safety. Her web site may well be the only place where data and information about the transportation safety hazards of EMS is currently being shared. The Australian trained board certified Emergency Medicine physician has conducted key research internationally in the field of safety of EMS transport. She is a recipient of the prestigious International Society for Automotive Engineers WEC/Breed Women’s leadership award for her contribution to EMS transport safety research. Her web site is full of information, here’s the link. click here

The Amazing Race has begun and I hope you can join me, Wayne Zygowicz –JEMS Editorial Board member, and the other US delegates as we find our way to RETTmobile 2009. The conference runs May 13-15 and I will be reporting from the site with updates on all the happenings. I’ll see you all in Fulda.

Auf Weidersehen

Where's JENS?
While in Germany I'll be searching for Littleton Firefighter Jens Pietrzyk. Jens immigrated from Germany to the US and was hired by Littleton Fire Rescue as the cadet. Known for his work ethic, customer service and “can do” attitude he was promoted to firefighter within a year. Jens joined the military to be become a US citizen. He has been deployed twice to Iraq as a medic and is now deployed to his home country of Germany with the US military. Come along as I search for Jens!

Welcome signs at RETTmobile 2008

Dr. Nadine Levick at RETTmobile 2008

Littleton Firefighter Jens Pietrzky

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Comment by charlene cobb on May 8, 2009 at 8:45am
Greeting from Florida! I leave on Monday afternoon for Fulda, see you there!
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