I am looking for some insigt on how to improve our shift bid process, and was wondering how other services go about thier bid process.  Currently our bid is based on seniority, but I have heard of servcies who allow "buddy bidding" to keep partners and offer incentives for the bid process.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Comment by Skip Kirkwood on November 29, 2011 at 6:30am

I have encountered a variety of systems over the year, and no matter which one, the people who get what they want "like it" and the rest do not.  There's no magic; you can try anything that the employees think will help.  One service that I know used transport volume as the basis for shift bid - the guys who ran the most transports the last quarter got to bid first.  With increasing need for formal FTO programs and such, we have found that most people migrate preferentially to one of four districts.  Once in that district, the chiefs make the assignments to individual units based on experience, needs, etc.  We've even had recent success allowing one work group (13 district supervisors staffing 4 units, one on 12 hour shifts and three on 24 hour shifts) to self-schedule.  Gave them a set of parameters and a deadline, and they presented a plan that all 13 had signed off on.

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