Well, the day has finally come where my lovely friend Jeremiah and I announce the big project we’ve been working on for quite some time now. Everything is in place and we are days away from the start of this exciting new chapter in our lives.


Months ago, Jeremiah and I were talking about finishing his internship and we thought it would be really cool if he finished his final 20 shifts here in Louisiana with my company. It started off jokingly, but conversation about this possibility grew serious. Surprisingly, my boss agreed to have Jeremiah come in as a student and precept with our company and Jer’s school agreed to let him come to another state to complete his paramedic internship. He and I excitedly planned his arrival here in Southwest Louisiana. We talked about the Cajun culture, of the inner workings of rural EMS, what to expect as far as weather goes, what we would do in case of a hurricane, and many other aspects of my life here in the south.

As plans grew, he and I saw the benefit in documenting this experience as not only an educational stride but as also a part of the growing EMS 2.0 and Chronicles of EMS movement. He and I had met at the Chronicles premiere in San Francisco in February and had started a friendship with director, Ted Setla. Jeremiah and I went to him with our idea of a documentary and user-fueled series about his journey from big city medicine to rural EMS. Ted, with his usual enthusiasm, jumped into this project with us full force. With his support and our (mostly Jeremiah’s) ideas, the project started taking shape.

So what *is* Mutual Aid going to encompass as a project? It is a documentary or video-diary style of telling of Jer’s move here to Louisiana. Our goal is to have up videos on our YouTube channel and the Chronicles ning site dedicated to our project at least twice weekly. These short clips will be of different aspects of our journey. One day it may be of Jeremiah talking about how long our response times are in a rural setting, the next it may be of us touring New Orleans. You may see clips of us spending time with my family, him teaching me how to cook, a tour of my company’s headquarters, his thoughts on our local hospital, or our adventures with my child-like dog, Jasper.

Where can you get involved? There are so many ways actually, it’s ridiculous. We’ll still be active on twitter (use the hash tag #MutualAid), Facebook, and our respective blogs. We will also be doing a weekly Ustream on my channel to give you all a chance to be involved. If you want to see us visit some place in Louisiana that you’ve heard about- let us know here and we’ll see what we can work into our schedule. If you have any questions about our lives or this project, those are your nights to ask. These Ustream nights are your primary nights to tell us what you want to see on Mutual Aid. If you can’t make the Ustream nights (which will probably be Thursday evenings) you can email us your suggestions at mutualaidtv@gmail.com .

The wonderful thing about all of this content is that it will be available at your convenience. If you miss a Ustream, it will be saved to the channel history. If you miss a week of updates because you’re on vacation, our YouTube channel and the CoEMS ning site will catch you up! Jeremiah and I will keep up with all of this social media the best we can, remember he ishere for school and all. We greatly look forward to this project and I know both he and I are really excited to share our learning experiences with you all.

There are useful links within the blog text, but here are more ways to get connected with Jeremiah and I!










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Comment by John Gaines on July 17, 2010 at 7:21pm
That sounds pretty damn interesting. Hope it all works out. Should be interesting.
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