Make everything you do an opportunity. May no career be a dead end, may no class be a waste of time. Every path you choose leads to hundreds more, if not it is your duty to forge them. Every failure must be a gain in some way, big or small it does not matter, but you must move forward it is your incumbency to yourself.

   You must embrace failure as you would an old friend you haven't seen in years. Failure will teach you, success will defeat you if you let it. Failure is your friend your ally. Without failure nothing is learned. If you live a life without failure then you have not lived a life, you have merely existed.

   So many times you see it, Paramedics and EMT's spending years of their lives in a field with opportunities so vast words fail to describe them. They drop everything they have worked for to take a job as a laborer, a carpenter, a electronic sales person because it "pays more" only to find themselves laid off and beaten down physically and spiritually. All because they lacks the courage to look forward and do their work. They believed themselves above their position only to find themselves beneath it. This is what happens when you believe where you are is a dead end. You have to start again at the bottom in a career you chose simply for the money, not because you loved it. I have been there, I have made this mistake.

   Every door you open can lead to so hundreds more, doing the work is easy. The true difficulty is finding the right path to take. The path only your authentic self can find. Everything must be an opportunity, you must never waste where you are today, because it is all you have to get you to tomorrow.

   Make everything you do an opportunity.

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