I think I know how it feels to be an EMS provider. Because although I had the night off from class yesterday, I still had to work on a holiday AND I had to crack the books open once I got home from work. So no rest for me, weary as I may be. ;-)

It was good to have the night off last night from class, so that I could read the chapters I was already supposed to have read for the quiz I'm not prepared for tomorrow. The test will be on the chapters about resuscitation vs. ventilation, shock and medical/ethical issues. So pretty much everything plus the kitchen sink, a real variety going on.

But I'm up for the challenge (well, since I had an extra night to study, I am). I love the sections about medical/ethical dilemmas as much as I love the sections about documentation. I guess I'm fairly well versed, editing the monthly Pro Bono column in JEMS Priority Traffic, the monthly Legal Consult in EMS Insider, W. Ann Maggiore's quarterly EMS and the Law column, etc. It was the chapters on anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology (and likely the chapter on resuscitation vs. ventilation that I already should have read) that were the toughest for me.

Is that normal? Does everyone feel like they have a handle on parts of this course but not on others? Is there some anatomical/physiological genius out there who can differentiate between external and internal ventilation at the microbiological level but cannot figure out whether to take Grandma to the hospital out of courtesy to the family (and face the wrath of ED staff) or call her right there on her living room floor, with the grandkids crying out that she can't really be gone?

I have a feeling it IS normal, because we all bring different skills sets and experiences to the table. I just wish I were a whiz at everything. But then again, it would be boring and not the challenge that it definitely is right now. And then I wouldn't even feel like writing about it, especially on what was supposed to be my day off. (Day off, yeah right.) ;-)

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