Day 6: Doing a Skill Isn't Quite Like Reading About It

Last night was our first lab, and I was super excited about it because I've been reading about all kinds of things that are really interesting, but I've been anticipating the opportunity to try my skills.

It was a blast! I know using an oxygen tank isn't the hardest skill in the world. In fact, a caveman really could probably do it (they do have opposable thumbs, after all). I was nervous at first, because of course I had it facing the wrong way so I unscrewed the key for the oxygen regulator instead of tightening it, and it fell, no, clattered, to the table. And then I couldn't get it back in. And then the TA was telling me how to do it, but so were other students so I couldn't hear the TA. And I'm sure I was red-faced with clenched teeth afterwards because the teacher came over to ask me if I was OK, tell me not to worry, have a good time, stop being a big baby about it, etc. (Just kidding on that last part).

So NOT how an EMS editor should start a super-simple skills lab. But that nightmare aside, I ran through the BVM, suction and resuscitation skills with few problems. And then, by the end, I realized I was having fun! And I was feeling like I really COULD be an EMT after all.

Well, as long as somebody else hooks up the oxygen regulator, that is.

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Comment by Gary Wyatt on February 14, 2013 at 2:59pm

Thank You for writing this blog.  I look forward to each entry.  As I read each one, its like I remember being there and feeling the same things! 

Oh and by the way...we have a few providers that still try to hook up the oxygen regulator wrong.  Enjoy the class!  Keep up the good work!

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