It's true, Toby Keith and I are in the same boat. He's passing 50, and I no longer have that perfect score that extra points on the first quiz had allowed me to have. (I know, wah, wah, wah. Poor baby.) There's only on direction to go from 100% (which is why I was never an A+ student in college. It wasn't because I had too many late nights partying or anything. I swear. It was a calcuated move to never disappoint myself.) So I guess it was inevitable after my quiz on anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology that I would fall from grade, I mean, grace.

But after we reviewed our second quiz, I thought, "I would've missed the same ones all over again." I just don't know the material as well as I would've liked to.

It's a lot of information to study, and I realize I can't expect myself to know all the basic A&P PLUS the pathophysiology in seven days. But man, I really studied for this one. I mean, I did all right. But I know these are the building blocks of everything else we will do so I need to know it and know it well.

Above is the EMT student part of me speaking. The person who is focused on getting good grades to prove, in advance, that I'll be a good EMT. But now that I've had time to reflect and get back into EMS editor mode, I realize that grades aren't everything. I realize that even though I haven't taken an anatomy class and I wasn't the person who got all 29 questions right, I have something that is invaluable: A network of passionate EMS providers who can help get me through, answer my questions and keep my eye on the prize: time in an ambulance where I can make someone's worst-day-ever a little bit more bearable.

And, truly, isn't that the reason we do this?

(That being said, I do have a question for all of you out there: How did YOU get all these body parts, processes and processes-gone-wrong down? If you have tips, PLEASE send them my way so I can hoard them and surpass my fellow students, many of whom are darned smart!)

Man! The EMT student in me needs to take a chill pill! ;-)

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