I am ecstatic to report to you all that I not only passed the class, but I got an A on both the final and the class.

An A is always a sweet reward for a job well done, but this one is even sweeter because I fought so hard for that grade -- literally and figuratively. I not only worked through a lot of troubles with learning how to study and how to manage my time as an adult student, I also fought with instructors over the semantics of quiz questions.

I did it all to get the most points possible so I could report that the managing editor of JEMS got an A in her EMT-B class. Because, really, how embarrassing would it be for me to be subpar or, gasp, not pass an EMT class? I would have had to hang my head in shame.

I'm here to tell you that an EMT class is not only the hardest class I've ever taken (well, besides computer science. I'm no programmer), it's also the most rewarding. I really connected with my instructors (even when I was being a big baby whining about semantics) and my fellow classmates, whom I hope to see in the field.

Most importantly, I connected with the content and all of you out there who care for strangers every day. I now know how to confidently help the fainting bridesmaid who is suffering from heat exhaustion (which happened at a wedding I was in this past weekend), the co-worker whose cornea is scratched from debris trapped in her contact and the other patients I'm sure I'll find along the way.

All the sappiness aside, I hope I've shown future students that it's possible to not do well on the midterm and still do well on the final. That they're going to feel like they're failing until they pass. That it will "click" some day and they'll understand what those poorly worded questions want. That despite being called a "basic" class, it's anything but basic.

I still have a couple of hurdles to clear. I have my skills test on Saturday. It's a 9 to 5 of AED-analyzin', positive-pressure-ventiliatin', patient assessin', sweatin'-every-look-from-the-proctor day. I'm excited to show my two fellow JEMS editors what I've learned, since Ryan Kelley and Allie Daugherty have graciously volunteered to spend the Saturday of their holiday weekend as patients.

And then, it's on to the National Registry. I'm ready to take it on, pay my dues and get onto the streets.

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