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Honoring EMS Week and Memorializing Our “Ambulance Drivers”


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MIH and the EMS provider

Mobile Integrated Healthcare and the EMS provider

By Alan Perry


The EMS Agenda for the Future identified the need for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to seek a broader and more integrated role in the healthcare system. Many variations of that vision have been pursued successfully and are now known as…


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Calls You Remember: 9 YO F Rape, Caller Refuses Additional Info

At three thirty eight in the morning I was sitting at Station Three, working on a report, when the telephone rang.  I was first up for a call, which means the next time the phone rang, it was my job to answer it and respond to whatever call that might be.  Oftentimes it's nothing special–a nursing home resident who was treated in an emergency room who is now being discharged and needs to be returned to the facility, for example.  Other times, it's something ridiculous, like someone with a…


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Circling the Drain

An EMS instructor once told me that 90 percent of patients are going to live no matter what I do or don't do for them. Five percent are going to die no matter what I do or don't do for them. It's the other five percent that I prepare for with my training, education, and experience. You can argue about the numbers, but they seem to be in the ballpark.

Much of what we do is give rides to the hospital for people who prefer not to ask their friends or family to take them. Sure,…


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“Help Needed:” How Marketing Your Agency Can Spice Up Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

“Help needed” is a message that most volunteer fire/EMS members have received in some form or another because, let’s face it, finding quality members and getting them to stick around is downright difficult. While occasionally the problem can be addressed by reallocation of resources, it’s often a numbers game, leaving leadership wishing they simply had more bodies to fill the open spots. Regardless of agency type (fire, rescue, or both) and volunteer status (100% or partially paid), most…


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Mobile Integrated Healthcare Challenge

The Mobile Integrated Healthcare Challenge

by Alan Perry


I recently embarked on a journey to explore what has come to be known as Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice (MIHP). The concept was outlined in the NIH book EMS agenda for the future but not named or structurally defined at that time. The concept has been under development by a number of hospital and pre-hospital systems for…


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Digitech Undertakes $5M Baltimore EMS Contract

City expects to reap rewards of maximum collections efficiency  


Briarcliff Manor, NY – December 11, 2012  – Digitech Computer Inc. today announced that implementation of their agreement with Baltimore City Fire Department has been completed and that processing of medical transport claims by the firm has been successfully initiated.  Under the contract, Digitech will provide EMS billing services to Baltimore, and the…


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Bob Page Interview on 12-Lead ECG Interpretation

Do you think the time it takes to capture a 12-lead ECG is worth it? Would you argue that a lack of transmission capability or a limit in protocols means you can’t do much with an ECG? This episode will challenge that thinking and encourage you to learn more about the power of an ECG and how much you really can do at first patient contact.

One thing is clear, accurate and consistent ECG interpretation requires broader exposure to 12-leads and the training to recognize issues.…


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"Updated Vitals" - An EMS Development Resource



Hello! Just wanted to put out a quick notice that we've started working on a new resource to share and discuss EMS development in low- and middle-income countries - Updated Vitals. It's pretty much a list of Dos,…


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Where Can We Affect Change?: Part 2

Last time I discussed briefly the importance of change in our profession.  The profession that doesn’t change and adapt with the times will soon find itself outdated, inefficient, ineffective, and maybe even replaced.  That’s why it’s so important that we consider how we can move forward and do our best to enact policies and protocols to see that our profession prospers in the coming future of reformed healthcare.  We’ve already looked at the opportunities and possibilities for improvement…


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International EMS News & Research Feed - Trek Medics


International EMS News & Research

In order to help you keep up-to-date on the latest news, research and…


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Paramedic Tutor

Paramedic Tutor

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Craziest 911 call

OK, I know you all have had just one of those days that you received a call either for Telecommunicators, Fire, EMS or law enforcement. Please let me know what your Craziest call was!! What was that one call that you just had to sit back and laugh? Cause if you didn't then you would just die, or the one that you can say, "you know, God I love my job"

This goes out to all the Telecommunicators, Fire, EMS or Law Enforcement officers. Thank You for all you do. Stay Safe and God… Continue

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What does OH, NC & MD have in common?

Ohio, North Carolina, and Maryland all had crashes involving ambulance's this month thus far. With all of these being in the news lately and it has caused me to do some reflection on my own driving. Whether its due to youth, our inexperience, the inability to handle the adrenaline, or other motorist faults, we are at risk. A constant risk of Motor Vehicle Crashes, some of which have ended with fatalities of civilians and EMS providers.

Emergency Medical Services unfortunately… Continue

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Ambulance is latin for taxi?

JEMS did its bit for UK EMS practice today and pasted a video about some exciting developments to UK practice and then published it on Facebook and labelled it as the UK's response to 911 abuse.

As usual on the Facebook page the comments come flooding in and I'm sure I said this in a discussion forum earlier in the year, I should really study the epidemic of patients with dental related symptoms seeking EMS care because everyone seems to cite it as their favourite abuse…

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The DIEMS Project (Database for International EMS Systems)


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Mutual Aid

Well, the day has finally come where my lovely friend Jeremiah and I announce the big project we’ve been working on for quite some time now. Everything is in place and we are days away from the start of this…


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Down Time

We have all been there, sitting around in our bus at 200 hours waiting for the hand of the clock to click a second closer to the end of our shift. Surrounded by the darkness of the…

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Political BS

To quote a wise man "it really grinds my gears" that the world we live in is so careful about not getting into a a lawsuit that we forgo common sense. When did we as Americans turn the page to a new chapter of being scared of what is right and correct? When did we forgo the ability to fire a provider who doesn't do their job, just because the fact he skipped out of work to go to a Pride event. Now I have no issues with life style choice's nor that he was attending an event. I have a problem… Continue

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