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Would You Like Fries With That Shootout? The Calls We Just Can't Forget

     It was 8:45 on a Friday night and the best eateries in San Diego were entertaining lively crowds by churning out food by the ton. One of the liveliest, most expensive steak houses around was a place called the Oak Creek Cattle Company, nestled in a nook of woods out on Sweetwater Road. The array of fine sports cars in the parking lot was mute testimony that plenty of folks were willing to spend…


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Changing New Jersey Protocols

I am interested in sending a change to our state protocols here in New Jersey.

I would like to see BLS providers be able to check and monitior blood glucose levels.  

I have been doing some research on this topic and I have seem to hit a brick wall, there does not seem to be alot of information out in cyber world on this topic.  

So I would like to…


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The Pedigree of a Paramedic Heretic: Immutable Laws & Ethical Illusions

      I wasn’t always a heretic, of course. In my salad days I was as blissfully ignorant as interns tend to be, cheerfully willing to chomp onto the shiny, enticing fishhook called ‘rescue’ with no fear of consequence. Newbie’s to most professions are sodden with more limerence than common sense, and those of us who fairly leap into the quicksand of the emergency disciplines can be as…


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I'm Not Dead Yet.. You'll be Stone Dead in a Minute

Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead. It was apparently very close, as there was a long discussion about what to do with my organs. I’m going to tell my story as accurately as I can. There are large gaps in my memory, so I will indicate what I have been told for events I don’t remember.

First, I could have sworn that I went to hospital on 12/22/14 but apparently it was 12/26/14. I didn’t feel well for about 2 days prior. You know how you feel when you are getting a cold, you just…


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Private EMS Masochists: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Like so many others, my first EMS experience was in private EMS.  I began my career at a large--very large--private ambulance company that provides interfacility transports, private EMS, and 911 response for a large midwestern, city. The city in which I worked is poverty-stricken and segregated. I travelled from my nice suburban home to the city, spend 24 hours responding to calls, then leave for the safety and green lawns of the outskirts.

Private EMS is a unique amalgam of low…


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Comments on Basic vs. Advanced Life Support Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Article

I originally began this blog post with an explanation of my education and training with regard to research.  It began to sound like a rooster crowing, so I moved it to the end in favor of beginning with the most important part of my message.

And here it is:

If good science isn't used in conducting research, the results are meaningless.

There is a corollary to this rule:

Conclusions aren't more…


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Tired of the same street corners every day? How about a few shifts in the Caribbean? We buy, you fly!

 That's right! You heard it correct - We buy, you fly!

We're super excited to let everyone on JEMS Connect know that Trek Medics now has new volunteer positions open for field programs in…

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Is diversity a good thing in public safety? Alan Perry December 2, 2014   Diversity is defined as “The fact or quality of being diverse; difference; a point or respect in which things differ; variety…

Is diversity a good thing in public safety?

Alan Perry

December 2, 2014


Diversity is defined as “The fact or quality of being diverse; difference; a point or respect in which things differ; variety or multiformity” according to The American…


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The Heart Attack That Made Me a Paramedic

Thanksgiving 2014 passed uneventfully (well, there was a house fire last night and the usual rush of medical calls, but basically uneventful).  I can't say the same for Thanksgiving 2007, the day I went into cardiac arrest twice.

Thanksgiving 2007 was a day that began quietly. No work needed to be done. Nothing was on the schedule except the Green Bay Packer's football game and a ridiculously large meal surrounded by my family in Madison, Wisconsin.  I missed both the game and…


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Thankful this week and always

This time last week I realized how lucky we were that two providers were not seriously injured or killed in an accident.  On Monday the 17th our service sustained an accident involving a unit on a call.  We were responding to a possible injury accident in the early morning on a snow covered interstate.  The call no administrator or supervisor ever wants is that you have a crash involving personnel.  I was notified that we rolled a unit three times and that the crew was…


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Dead People Don't Need Rides to the Hospital

The only treatment for patients in cardiac arrest that is universally confirmed to be beneficial is high-quality CPR.  Everything else we do for patients in cardiac arrest has controversy and doubt.  Fluids?  Pressors?  Anti-dysrhythmics?  Epinephrine?  Stacked shocks?  Three holes (bilateral needle decompression and pericardiocentesis for traumatic PNBs)?  Everything else is grey, not black and white.  High-quality CPR is what has the best chance of helping.  As far as we…


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Quality Assurance and the Freedom to Suck

One of the greatest honors I've ever received is a compliment from a man who doesn't know I ever heard it.  I started as a paramedic in a different fire department, earning my chops there, before my current position.  When I applied to and was offered a job in my current department, my new co-workers were still forming their opinions of me.  One of them, and his wife, happened to know my previous lieutenant, and found themselves talking to him and my name came up in…


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HIPPA Can Be Your Friend: Sometimes I Just Don't Want to Share

I don't hate HIPPA, unlike some of my colleagues.  True, there are some who take it to extremes.  Also true, HIPPA can be a convenient means of firing someone you really don't want around but you don't have specific cause to fire them for other reasons.  Sometimes, though, it's a very useful tool to help you just keep your mouth shut.

Patient story:  Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard (name taken from the Austin Powers movies) was a 400+ pound jerk who required frequent…


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The View From the Street is Different

The view from the ER is a bit different than the view from the street.  I am convinced much of the conflict between paramedics and nurses originates from this fact.  Social psychologists and people who like fancy phrases refer to something called "cognitive dissonance."  Cognitive dissonance is the stress and internal turmoil someone feels when what they see something that conflicts with their internal values and beliefs.  It creates a certain kind of blindness--an inability to see something…


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Ebola.  Yeah, I bet you rolled your eyes just now.  I'm sick of hearing about it, too.  In our midwestern state, in our upscale suburban county, the odds are....well it doesn't really matter what the odds are, does it?  Our job is to be prepared.

Any time I'm thinking about preparing for the unlikely, I think about the United Airlines Flight 232 crash in Sioux City, Iowa in 1989.  I went to graduate school in Des Moines in 1990 for my Master of Public Administration degree.…


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Red Light Camera Related Accidents

Question to EMS Personal currently working in the field: Do you feel Red Light Cameras used for the purpose of catching people breaking the law is causing an increase in traffic related accident? Just a simple question...

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Snatch the Pebble From my Hand, Grasshopper: The Medic Meets the Teacher

If you have a little grey in your hair, you might have understood the reference in the title of this blog post.  For the rest of you, David Carradine had a career before Kill Bill, and one of my favorite televisions series was Kung Fu, which ran from 1972-1975.  Carradine plays a Showlin monk, studying under a Kung Fu master, and he's told he'll be ready to leave the monestary and seek his destiny in the world when he can snatch the pebble from his master's outstretched…


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Saint Lucia EMS Education Program International Accomplishment and milestone

Please do take the time to look up what we have been accomplishing internationally with our program at the following links:

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MIH and the EMS provider

Mobile Integrated Healthcare and the EMS provider

By Alan Perry


The EMS Agenda for the Future identified the need for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to seek a broader and more integrated role in the healthcare system. Many variations of that vision have been pursued successfully and are now known as…


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