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Ah, yes, the keyboard know-it-alls are out in force these days with timely social media advice and suggestions about topics they may know very little about. Be skeptical of where you get your EMS news, training, tactics, and opinions from – trust, but always verify.

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Adventures in ABGs

This post is accompanied by a podcast. Listen to and/or download it here: DitchMedics - Episode…


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Bizarre Calls: Blindfolded Children on the Freeway

So here's a gem from my past:

While working a routine 24 hour shift, our dispatcher called my partner and me around 1 am on the radio to give out a "10-15" assignment.  We worked private EMS in a city with a tiered response system.  On an EMS call, we might be dispatched directly to handle the call, or we might be assigned to park a block or two away while the fire department responded to a call.  This would make us a convenient distance away if the fire department decided to…


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Woodbridge Walk-In | Introducing Longevity: Preventive Screening Services

We are excited to announce a partnership with Longevity, the highest regarded provider of early detection screenings for disease prevention in Orange County. These ultrasound screenings scan for early signs of cancer, stroke, heart disease and other serious medical conditions.

Woodbridge Walk-In is the only family care center in Orange County to provide these Preventive…


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Constructive criticism can be hard to find these days! 

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Now that's a scarier than any movie scene!

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An Argument Against Community Paramedicine

Let's see how many people I can make angry with this one...

Community paramedicine isn't paramedicine, it's social work.  It might be economically advantageous to a department because it reduces the number of repeat, unnecessary calls the department receives.  It might bring some relief to EMS workers who immediately recognize the address they were just dispatched to and who know that the person calling simply needs some attention.  But it's not paramedicine, and it's not a…


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Alright Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready For My Close-Up

From my weekly CME Blog - Medical Mondays

Are you?

Every day that we are doing our duty, whether in an ambulance, skiing or providing clinical care we are but mere moments from being broadcast to the world.

A tragic event of a few weeks ago by a deranged individual took the life of a reporter and cameraman on live TV. Beyond the tragedy of this event, he was also wearing a personal…


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August JEMS Cartoon

NEW JEMS editorial cartoon for August: Change Lynching

Heaven forbid!!

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Dad's Taxi Blog

my name is lee roberts and i live in the vancouver area of british columbia, canada. i'm employed as a primary care paramedic (bls) and am stationed in the metro vancouver post. i love my job. and i look forward to witnessing all the crazy weird and of course medical calls i see every shift. this blog is about the things i see and hear. most of it will come from the streets. some will come from co-workers. and there may be the odd story from my home life. i love tech. I love gadgets. and this… Continue

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The Ghosts on the Corners

Do this job long enough, and you start to believe in ghosts.  I see them all the time.

Sitting in the front of the ambulance, returning from a call, I see the tire marks veering off the highway and ending at a tree where that girl lost control and lost her life.

I see the gas station where the car ended up after an elderly male had a stroke while driving.  The accident didn't kill him, but the stroke did.

I watch as a house drifts past my window.…


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Leadership Isn't Hard Work, It's Just Work

My first supervisory experience came in the hardware department at The Home Depot.  Oh, stop rolling your eyes.  This is back in the days when the founders, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, still ran the place.  Their leadership philosophy was evident in everything that happened in that company.  Their philosophy on leadership was simple:  Take care of your people.  If you do that, your people will take care of the customers, and everything else falls into line.

That philosophy…


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What to Keep in Your Earthquake Survival Kit

Living in areas that are prone to earthquakes can be worrisome if you are unprepared. Even though an earthquake may not be predicted for the near future, it is wise to have a survival kit of things you may need in case of an emergency. A few of the items that should be included are:


  • Gallons of fresh water.
  • Non-perishable foods, such as canned formula, vegetables, fruits and grains (grains can be stored in jars that can be tightly…

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Professionalism and EMS

If you're like me, you probably have a number of news feeds related to EMS, emergency response, firefighting--all bookmarked in your browser and "liked" on Facebook.  You've read the articles about the EMTs and paramedics who have done great things, and others who have done horrible things.  You've read about the major incidents, rollovers, hazmat responses, and dash cam videos of crazy emergency driving and other "caught on cam" events.

But have you really read the comments…


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Honoring EMS Week and Memorializing Our “Ambulance Drivers”


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Have You Ever Regretted Calling Aero-medical?

Have you ever regretted calling aero-medical? I have. The death this week of yet another flight crew member leads me to continue to re-evaluate my use of aero medical. I find myself moving toward the end of the spectrum that calling the helicopter based entirely on mechanism of injury doesn't cut it any more (I'm not talking about getting them in the air--just in case--AS YOU RESPOND to a scene, I'm talking about having them CONTINUE in when you've arrived and done your preliminary…


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Job Opening: Operations Supervisor, Dominican Republic

The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to mentor and develop members of a pioneering EMS system funded through grants from reputable international technology companies, including Google.

Strong Spanish language skills and 6 months required. Adventure guaranteed.

Learn more and apply today…


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Note to Farkles

Note to farkles: I owned a scanner long before I became a paramedic. I listened to the police and fire departments do their work, and I enjoyed having a first-person sense of what was happening in the community. I learned a lot about law enforcement and emergency services, and I considered myself a supporter of all emergency services.

I also knew where the line is. I never put flashing lights in my personal vehicle. I didn't wear uniform-like apparel in the hopes that people would…


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