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Why EMS Providers Do What They Do.

My new EMS Blog Site for providers, instructors, and managers.

Have you ever had a person ask you what you do, or how was your day?  As much as an EMS provider would love to respond, oftentimes, we don’t.  Why don’t we you ask?   Because if you had, this might be what you would hear.  I…


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Firefighter/ EMTs Daily Fitness Checkoff List

Be Physically Ready for Duty- Your Daily Fitness Checkoffs.

At the beginning of each and every shift firefighters, EMTs and medic meticulously go through and check their gear (or at least they should be) to make sure that it is ready for the challenges of the day. Our equipment must be functioning properly and our rigs must be fueled and ready to go. The question that I also want you to think about is whether or not your…


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Funding for MIHC - 5 Points of Conventional Wisdom being Formed by Your Likely Sources of Revenue

In the effort to redefine EMS delivery, organizations (both public and private) are rushing to hang out their shingle as  ‘Community Paramedicine’ or ‘Mobile Integrated Health Care’ (MIHC) Providers.

The fact remains, that aside from a few pilot projects, there has been no compensation mechanism provided or identified for these services.  One thing remains clear in the age of value driven care; there will be no compensation unless clear value can be demonstrated. So what are the…


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Calls You Remember: 9 YO F Rape, Caller Refuses Additional Info

At three thirty eight in the morning I was sitting at Station Three, working on a report, when the telephone rang.  I was first up for a call, which means the next time the phone rang, it was my job to answer it and respond to whatever call that might be.  Oftentimes it's nothing special–a nursing home resident who was treated in an emergency room who is now being discharged and needs to be returned to the facility, for example.  Other times, it's something ridiculous, like someone with a…


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Newbie Paragod

Para-Gods.  It seems the newer and less experienced the paramedic is, the more arrogant and intolerable the tendency to be a "para-God."  Example:  Our paid-on-call fire department has made the transition to a paramedic level service.  Numerous new people were hired to fill the roster, including "MacGuyver," the subject of this story.  MacGuyver is a brand new paramedic.  He's smart and has an excellent memory.  He can remember what he's read, repeat anatomy, statistics, diagnoses, and…


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Circling the Drain

An EMS instructor once told me that 90 percent of patients are going to live no matter what I do or don't do for them. Five percent are going to die no matter what I do or don't do for them. It's the other five percent that I prepare for with my training, education, and experience. You can argue about the numbers, but they seem to be in the ballpark.

Much of what we do is give rides to the hospital for people who prefer not to ask their friends or family to take them. Sure,…


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Experience and Success and the Student Paramedic

Late each summer, paramedics who were trained in the same program as I are invited to meet with the next incoming class of paramedics to provide advice on how they can successfully navigate the program and achieve their goals.  I always attend.  It's partly paying it forward, partly dedication to my program and my instructor, and partly schadenfreude (the German term for "experiencing amusement from other people's pain").

I stand in front of the group, look at their…


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Upcoming EMT and AEMT Online / Hybrid Training Courses

Georgia Institute of EMS would like to announce its upcoming EMT and AEMT Online / Hybrid training courses.  Our new offerings will begin with the EMT class starting on April 22, 2014 and our AEMT course beginning on April 29, 2014.  If you would like more information regarding our EMT class, please go to our April 2014 EMT Course Announcement…


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“Help Needed:” How Marketing Your Agency Can Spice Up Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

“Help needed” is a message that most volunteer fire/EMS members have received in some form or another because, let’s face it, finding quality members and getting them to stick around is downright difficult. While occasionally the problem can be addressed by reallocation of resources, it’s often a numbers game, leaving leadership wishing they simply had more bodies to fill the open spots. Regardless of agency type (fire, rescue, or both) and volunteer status (100% or partially paid), most…


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Living in the ACA World - Community Paramedicine and other Darwinian Thoughts

The questions come on a daily basis – “Do I reposition my EMS business in the face of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and if so, how?” One of my favorite truisms is ‘the practical function of conventional wisdom is to save one from original thought.’ The banks of the river of conventional wisdom are currently overflowing with the ‘opportunities’ and ‘solutions’ presented by community paramedicine as a response to the post-ACA…


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EMT, EMT-I, AEMT & Paramedic Refresher Courses - Georgia

As you all know, it is time once again to gather up all those CEU hours to renew your National Registry.  At Georgia Institute of EMS, you can earn all of your refresher hours on a shift friendly schedule.  If you are interested, please contact us.  You can check us out on our website, for more information.  Our site will have information regarding our upcoming initial EMT and AEMT education courses along with EMT,…


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Dear Lord

Dear Lord,

Please give me the strength to help those in need today without judgement, to steady my hands for that pediatric code, to work through me providing your healing white light

around my patient, my partner, and all my brothers & sisters  out there.

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Hesitate, before you Intubate. PLEASE

Megan’s Song!!

By Judy Gilbreath, RN, CEN

I don’t think anyone but another ER Nurse can understand the feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when that EMS radio goes off and the report is of someone involved in an accident that meets the general description of one of your children. 

I had just such a scare in late April of 2010.  The radio went off a little after midnight and they were transporting two young people who had been involved in a motor vehicle crash…


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Baltimore sees immediate EMS collections improvement with Digitech

Briarcliff Manor, NY – September 30, 2013 Digitech Computer, Inc. today announced that collections for emergency transports under its contract with the Baltimore City Fire Department have outstripped projections by more than 50%. Based on current run rates, Digitech will collect several million dollars more from 2013 EMS transports than were collected in 2010, the most recent year for which data from fully resolved claims processed by the previous vendor is available.…


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BEACON: SMS-based emergency medical dispatching for developing countries

By J. Friesen, MPH, EMT-P

(Re-posted by author from

Since the conquests of Napoleon, or perhaps even earlier, coordinated triage and rapid evacuation of the critically sick and injured have been recognized as effective ways to reduce premature death…


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Mobile Marketing The Community Cannot Miss: Why ambulances are the greatest billboards never used.

By J. Friesen

(Re-posted by author from

Ambulances are the greatest billboard never used: they have lights, sirens, move on four wheels, and every time the community sees…


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"911 where there is none" - BEACON: SMS-based dispatching for developing countries

Hi all,

My name is Jason Friesen, and I'm a paramedic and founder of Trek Medics International, a nonprofit that improves emergency medical systems for developing countries.

For nearly 3 years, I've been working with a volunteer group of EMTs, medics, doctors and software developers to improve BEACON, an SMS-based dispatching software we've created for communities that won't ever be able to afford the advanced 911 dispatching technologies we have in North America, Europe, and…


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