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Excellance Department Profile: Rush University Medical Center

The Rush University Medical Center stroke program is one of the few in the country to offer a mobile stroke treatment unit as a part of its emergency medical services. This year Rush will join Excellence Inc. at the International Stroke Conference 2017 where the RUSH mobile stroke treatment unit will make its debut. On display…


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NEW March JEMS editorial illustration.

Like most things in life, there's a balance and equilibrium to today's issues that often gets skewed once viewed through our personal lens of life experiences. Such is the continuing argument between the older and younger generations, and who is better or worse for…


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The Emergency Medical Services System is stretched beyond capacity.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System is stretched beyond capacity.  Therefore, there is a clear need to integrate a Physician Assistant (PA) into the EMS System. The problem of Hospital emergency room overcrowding is directly impacted on the concept of transporting every single patient to a Hospital emergency room, which is simply not practical and antiquated.  The necessity is clearly present that the original design of the current EMS system and its function is not going to work…


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A Humorous Example of a Paramedic/EMT Communication Fail

So yesterday I was sitting at home, playing with my computer when the pager went off with both fire and EMS tones.  "Fire department is requested on the interstate, south-bound at Exit 100, for the rollover accident, multiple victims, report of ejection."

In our paid-on-call volunteer department, that's going to be an all-call where everyone available is expected to respond.  I called in, and threw on my coat.  I listened to the radio to determine who was responding so I would…


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Stay alert out there, brothers and sisters! May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year!

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A Weak Spot in my Armor

Last week, I responded as a paramedic intercept to a motorcycle versus car.  The rider skidded along the pavement a distance of 84 feet (so the investigators say) before coming to a sudden violent stop by t-boning the car that had pulled out in front of him.

I exited my intercept vehicle, grabbed my ALS bag, and walked toward the crumpled motorcycle next to a crumpled patient.  He was surrounded by firefighters and EMTs.  I looked at the rider's face and could see he was…


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NEW JEMS illustration for November: No Prince Charming.
Remember to get out and vote today! Many of us have issues and candidates on our local…

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Shortage of Volunteers or Crisis of Integrity?

It's Saturday morning in a suburb of Milwaukee, population about 11,000, and I'm listening to our ambulance respond for the second time this morning to our neighbor jurisdiction for an EMS call.  They--apparently--have not one EMT available to respond to this call, not even as a first responder while they wait for our ambulance to arrive.  This also means that anyone in our own town needing an ambulance will be waiting longer because our ambulance, the ambulance they pay for with their tax…


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Beware the Bad Moon patients who can turn on you quickly! More Halloween fun with my JEMS October illustration.…

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I am living proof of this, brothers and sisters! I've said for years that there's nothing special about me - so I can draw, a lot of people can draw - but I gave myself and my talent to serving others and together some amazing things have happened.

Like the biblical lesson teaches, "Give and thou…


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New Rigs on the Road

2016 ALS Ambulance and Multiple Casualty Unit are now in service. …


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Visit my website to see more illustrations and buy prints:…


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The Medical Director Who Keeps Jumping EMS Calls

Several months ago I responded as a paramedic intercept to a rollover accident with entrapment requiring extrication.  The responding EMS agency was AEMT level, and I was dispatched automatically based on the rollover element of the call.

I arrived on scene relatively quickly, and found the fire department and EMS working quickly to extricate the patient.  Standing at the head of the vehicle was an emergency room physician who I knew well, and who was the medical director of…


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How impressive is your leadership?


Visit my print store to see more illustrations and buy prints:…


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Lesson 2 (Opportunity)

   Make everything you do an opportunity. May no career be a dead end, may no class be a waste of time. Every path you choose leads to hundreds more, if not it is your duty to forge them. Every failure must be a gain in some way, big or small it does not matter, but you must move forward it is your incumbency to yourself.

   You must embrace failure as you…


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Three-man Medic Companies

Three-man Medic Company
By Alan Perry, June 21, 2016
Congratulations on your promotion! Your new assignment is a Medic Company! It should come as no surprise that the busiest piece of equipment, with the most at stake in the daily performance of its duties, has finally been elevated to the company level. You and the other personnel assigned to your Medic Company are taking a huge step forward for…

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Lesson 1

One must think of their career in EMS (and in life) in distance traveled. The goal is to travel as far as possible. Any movement counts as distance traveled, including places you've already been, because some on the most important lessons in life are the ones we learn over and over again. The worst thing you can do in your career (and life), is not gain distance, to stagnate. Every day you must increase yourself in order to gain. Some days you will travel miles, other days inches. Remember,…


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EMS Prevention Week White House Petition

EMS “Prevention” Week

Please visit: 

I am writing to you to offer a proposal to amend…


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