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In The Moment

I sit here at my "computer keyboard" trying to force a worthy thought to put on a blog for our fallen comrade, Tom Clements. Then it dawns on me that nothing needs to be forced, just do it. and do it from the heart. So this is my personal ulogy for Tom Clements. Tom passed away in the night a few days ago and was found by a loved one in the morning. His passing was not expected, and took us all by surprise. To talk about a man who was friends to so many and knew so many that I do not, is a hard… Continue

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Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. No...that wasn't a typing test, it is an old statement that still rings true in times of adversity and desperation . In times of a leaderless societies that have thousands of followers relying on their quality of decision making. Everyone knows what EMS faces across the country and everyone knows what we face here in the Maricopa County Arena. But it goes unsaid, unaddressed, it's the big… Continue

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Way to go Wyoming

I just returned from the 39th annual Wyoming Trauma Conference. It was held the weekend of August 20th through the 23rd at Little America in Cheyenne, Wyoming. What a great time. The conference committee did a fantastic job of putting everything together and made it run like a well oiled clock. (do you oil clocks any more?)

Speakers from around Wyoming and country offered informational sessions. There was a Prehospital Trauma Life Support Class (PHTLS) course and an Advance Burn Life… Continue

Added by Dennis Edgerly on August 25, 2009 at 3:41pm — 1 Comment

Much Ado About AEMT

I had heard before coming to the National Association of EMS Educators conference here in Orlando, Fla., that the number of required course hours for the new Advanced EMT level under the EMS Education Agenda was going to be a hot topic. So I had my ears pricked when I stepped into “One Year Later—Education Standards & Education Agenda, Where Are We?” given by Deb Cason, past president of NAEMSE. And by the looks of it, so were everyone else’s. No sleeping, no sneaking out, no checking… Continue

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Community Paramedicine

O.K. while we are all in the middle of “healthcare reform” has any one given thought on how your communities would, could and should benefit from this concept? There are several models to look at around the world, but will any of them work here in the U.S. As we set and all go through the “healthcare reform” quagmire, can we think of what would benefit our communities and our patients at this level?

Is there any place for this in your community? and if so, what are you doing to… Continue

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Futureizing EMS

Ok so maybe that's not a word, but you probably get the point. The Fututre of EMS is ripe for advancement with suggestions of critical care medics, home health medics, EMS specialist and new ways of looking at the delivery models we now use. I feel the placement of the "United States EMS Administration" is long overdue. There are several options to this scenario, but I feel EMS and Public safety will be best served if EMS is a stand alone agency. After all it's Health care, and I can see we all… Continue

Added by joshua barkley on August 16, 2009 at 12:30am — 11 Comments

What is EMS? Healthcare or Public Safety?

After reading this article I began to wonder what entity EMS really is? Wondering about some other's opinions on this... I have wondered myself--- am I a heathcare worker, as I work with the hospital and take care of patients? or am I a public safety officer as I work along side police and fire departments? It's is definitely a question to be pondered after seeing this article. These are only excerpts but the link to the full article is on the bottom... wondering about some of your… Continue

Added by Nicole Moyer on August 9, 2009 at 6:05am — 2 Comments

That would be cool - EMS 2.0 gets technical

I've been talking a bit over at HMHQ about something I call "EMS 2.0." This idea is still developing, but it centers around giving the care givers on the front lines more training and more choices instead of automatically defaulting to an ambulance to the hospital. Many groups are trying similar systems, most notable Wake County's Advanced Practice Paramedic Program, mentioned many times here at JEMS Connect.

But EMS 2.0 also… Continue

Added by the Happy Medic on August 8, 2009 at 9:10pm — 11 Comments

Words Are Medicine: The Legacy of A True Physician

My father and I are very different sorts of healers. He is an old-school internist, graduate of New York University Medical School, a devoted scholar and follower of the allopathic method. I am a product of a very different school. Instead of going for my M.D. as he so dearly wished, I became a psychotherapist with a specialization in trauma treatment, anxiety disorders, NLP, and hypnosis. “Why don’t you do some real medicine for a change? If you’re going to listen to people all day long, why… Continue

Added by Judith Acosta on August 8, 2009 at 4:34pm — 2 Comments

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