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When did it become Okay........

There are many patients that I remember from my career.  The 40-something lady having an acute stroke who communicated her fear with her eyes because she could no longer speak; The first time I ever did CPR and felt each rib give way;  The gentleman who laid in a ditch for three hours with critical injuries after his motorcycle left the highway; The police officer who was shot and feared for his life.  These and many more are the calls that stand out because I was able to use my training to…


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The End is Near

The end of a long and wonderfully rewarding career nears.

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There's a private ambulance company working a paid detail at a park in Providence. A young woman passes out and somebody calls 911. The ambulance crew arrives long before the fire department, does an assessment, starts an IV and gets ready to transport, Mean while, the fire department shows up, with yours truly in charge of ALS Rescue 1.


The private crew had things well under control, and were under contract to provide emergency medical services to the park's patrons, and…


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Fire Based EMS

I am a firefighter. Spent ten years on the front line engine and ladder companies in Providence. Fought a lot of fires, pumped, got roofs, first in on the pipe, rescues, overhaul, did it all. Problem was, most of it all was waiting. Waiting for fires. Waiting for "the rescue" to show up on EMS calls.

Considering 70% of are calls are for EMS, I did a lot of waiting. Ten years into my firefighter career I switched tracks, and transferred to the rescue division. My choice made me a bit…


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Social Networking Advice


At Friday’s session at Fire-Rescue Med in Las Vegas, “Social Networking Gone Wrong: An EMS Dilemma,” Jeff Dyar and Paul Le Sage shared some words of wisdom on how departments should handle social media. The problem? There is no one answer or solution to the many challenges presented by the Internet.


“Every single thing we do, we need to think about it,” Dyar said, reminding the audience to think about some of the following questions when questioning whether something…


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Thoughts and prayers for the victim, seventeen year old girls are not supposed to get shot. These things have a way of escalating. I hope not, but…


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The most important part of a patient assessment, when the patient is conscious anyway, is listening to their complaints. Where is the pain? When did it start? What were you doing when it started? Does it travel?

From there you can start a treatment plan based on how the patient feels. And they always feel better when somebody listens.

It isn't hard, just listen, and take yourself out of the equation for a little while. Take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.…


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