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Washington DC- In an effort to send a common message the USFA is working with Department of Homeland Security Office of Health Leadership and other Federal partners (FICEMS) to issue an EMS, Medical First Responder and 9-1-1 specific guidance document to the Nation’s first responders. This is a dynamic process and we will provide additional information as soon as we receive the appropriate agency(s) approval. In addition to the CDC link

http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/ take a look at… Continue

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Time to Take Ambulance Safety Seriously: Are the answers out there already?

I am Kevin Peters, NREMT-P with Carilion Clinic Patient Transport in Roanoke VA where I am the full-time dedicated Safety Officer. We are a CAMTS Accredited organization providing a full range of EMS, Transport, CCT and Helicopter EMS Services. I spend my time focused on the safety of our 3Ps: Provider, Patient and Public. We have 250 employees, 35 ambulances, and 2 helicopters distributed in 9 bases that cover a geographic area the size of Rhode… Continue

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Need to knows about Swine flu

Introduction:-- A new strain of swine flu that has killed as many as 81 and sickened more than 1,324 in Mexico has spread to the United States and is raising fears of a possible pandemic. Learn more about the disease and why it is causing concern among health officials.

What is it: -- Swine influenza is a respiratory disease of pigs first isolated in swine in 1930, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The illness is caused by four different type A influenza… Continue

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Canada confirms 4 swine flu cases among students

TORONTO – Nova Scotia's chief public health officer says the east coast Canadian province has four confirmed cases of swine flu.

Chief Public Health officer Dr. Robert Strang says Sunday four students from King's-Edgehill School in Nova Scotia ranging in age from 12 to 17 or 18 are recovering. All of them had what he describes as "very mild" cases of the flu.

Canadian officials are planning a briefing today in Ottawa on the swine flu situation, which the World Health… Continue

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US declares public health emergency for swine flu

WASHINGTON – The U.S. declared a public health emergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu, much like the government does to prepare for approaching hurricanes.

Officials reported 20 U.S. cases of swine flu in five states so far, with the latest in Ohio and New York. Unlike in Mexico where the same strain appears to be killing dozens of people, cases in the United State have been mild — and U.S. health authorities can't yet explain why.

"As we continue to look… Continue

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Castles, Cafes and EMS Innovations

Hi JEMS Subscribers,

I’m Wayne Zygowicz, JEMS Editorial Board Member and EMS Chief with Littleton Fire Rescue (Colorado). Have you ever wondered how EMS, fire service or rescue assistance is provided in other countries? What equipment, training and resources do foreign rescue teams use to provide service in other parts of the world? Now you’ll have an opportunity to get a snap shot of what’s available across the Atlantic by following my blog as I travel to Germany to see what new EMS… Continue

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Medassurance - Select Collect

Practice Management System Vendors:

Are your clients asking for a collection service that they can control? Are you looking to provide value-added programs to your client base? Are you looking for Revenue sharing opportunities by bolting on other services?

With Select Collect the customer will design their own collection process by selecting the activities that they would like to be performed on their accounts. These are most of the same techniques that may have been used on their… Continue

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Relationship 9-1-1...Part 3

Part 3 of the series "Relationship 9-1-1". If you have not already read them, I highly recommend you read the first two articles in this series.

Part 1: http://connect.jems.com/profiles/blogs/relationship-911

Part 2: http://connect.jems.com/profiles/blogs/relationship-911part-2

We are discussing the problems we tend to face in our home life and personal relationships and we are taking a look at some simple techniques that are immediately applicable in order to… Continue

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What's in a title?

A recent (re)posting of a sappy "I'M AN AMBULANCE DRIVER" 'rant' thingamajig on one of the several forums I frequent (all too often) got me thinking, "Why do people care so much about what we're called?" This isn't to say that what we proclaim ourselves to be is unimportant, but the amount of personal offense some people take when being called by some titles is astonishing.

So, let's review the common titles the public… Continue

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I am having trouble conforming to the medical procedures I have been trained to use as an EMT-B.

I follow the protocol for the most part but I have found myself confronted with situations that were deemed beyond the parameters and authority of an EMT-B.

I suppose I have trouble understanding that I am no longer in a battlefield situation when the injuries are extreme and so I find myself doing what is necessary… Continue

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Pray for Brandon Gehring

Please pray for Officer Brandon Gehring, I ran squad with Brandon and many members of his family and currently run with his dad at Wyoming Fire Department.

Doctors say a Lockland police officer injured along I-75 Monday morning suffered multiple injuries.

Officer Brandon Gehring remains in critical condition at University Hospital.

Investigators say the 23-year-old Gehring was placing stop sticks near the Lockland and Shepherd Lane… Continue

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Pennsylvania EMS Instructors

How many of you out there are EMS Instructors from Pennsylvania?

How many feel that we need a formal group to discuss EMS education issues in PA and advocate for instructors, students, and patients?

How many of the instructors out there (from any state) are members of a state EMS instructor association?

How did you set it up?

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Confronting Someone About Substance Abuse

Are you stressed out over how to talk with a co-worker, spouse, or friend about overuse of alcohol or inappropriate use of drugs? Carrying this around in your heart/soul/mind can become a real burden.

You might be wondering one minute: "Do I pull others in on the secret--so they can help me confront the person?" The next minute, you might feel angry because you know it isn't a secret. Everyone knows what's going on, but it's you who can't sleep because of it!

If you voice… Continue

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National Registry

I just want to take this time out to Congratulate my classmates on passing National Registry and becoming EMT-Basics. I know each and everyone of you will work hard and do the best of your ability and I look forward to National Registry again for Paramedics. EMS STRONG- Class of 2010!

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Michigan medic moving to Fla

Michigan medic here for leads on jbs in FLA fulltime anyone have any ideas otr leads please let me know.

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EMS Management Degree

I am very interested in pursuing an EMS management degree. Does anyone have any information or advice on the topic? Will this be a good career move? Are jobs plentiful or will a relocation be in my future? I am especially interested in the George Washington University online program. Any feedback?

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Hi All, I recently went to Branson, MO to be trained in Defense Tactics 4 EMS! This is an AWESOME class and I am now an instructor. The website is www.DT4EMS.net. If anyone is interested PM me and I can give you more information!

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what the bailout should be

Well I just would like to know honestly why it seems that this "peoples"president is more interested in bussiness than common people.Does he not understand that in finance recovery the trickle down effect is reversed and trickles up.Think about it like this.We as a country bail out a large corporation with $25 million and this same corporation still goes bankrupt,where is the justification and thousands of people and hundreds of families still lose everything.Now you take that same $25 million… Continue

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My First JEMS Blog (LOL)....

I guess I should put something here (LOL). Well - I am an NREMT-B in Oklahoma who is content to work for a private service that treats me well. I am blessed with some really fantastic friends and co-workers. Alas though, I am a widow and have nobody to share my life with. It's tough to find anyone who understands me or my chosen career field but I keep smiling and searching - someday my prince will arrive and sweep me off my ambulance (I mean my feet). I enjoy meeting and talking with people… Continue

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Are You Overloading Your Marriage?

Try to Avoid Overloading Your Marriage

By Judi Light Hopson

Do you think your marriage is supposed to fix a lot of your problems?

If you do, think again.

Marriage should not become a problem-solving factory. It’s way too delicate for that kind of operation. Just look at the divorce rates.

In marriage, there are basically five broad categories whereby problems should be solved by the couple. Those categories include problems with children,… Continue

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