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What is a partner? Is it just someone that happens to sit next to you when your on shift? Or is it something more?

I have worked with a lot of different people, but very few do I call “partner”. To me a partner is someone who at times is a “Part” of you. Who you are comfortable with, who in a strange way is familiar to

you. The kind of partner that gets your jokes, and who gets you.

Someone who you can talk…


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Celebrity Medics

I recently started a new weekly column on my blog called "Celebrity Medics". Each week I pick a new character, fictional or real, and discuss what kind of paramedic they would be. Recent celebrity medics include Batman, Chuck Norris and Barack Obama. Stop by the blog every week to see who the next celebrity medic is going to to be!…

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EMS Law in the Philippines ....Soon a reality

After 12 years of waiting, the Emergency Medical Service Law will be

soon a reality. As I look around yesterday on the net. I've stumble upon

some links from our Congress that they have published a third and final

reading of this new law, with it some news releases links I've found.

Finally! As a country more prone to natural disaster like recently the

"big flood" because of typhoon Ketsana last September last year, and a

new threat - terrorism. It's about time to… Continue

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Maybe A Little Crazy

For some time now, I have exhibited some rather odd behaviors. This has lead me to consider the possibility that I may be a little bit crazy.

Some examples of my possible craziness include:

I guess elderly peoples medical history while in line at the grocery store.

I look at strangers necks, arms and hands and get a happy feeling when they have “good…


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Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

Being a passionate provider, as I’m sure many of you are as well. We
are drawn to this line of work because of a sometimes overpowering
drive to do the best and the most we can for others. There are however
times when doing the best for our patients means doing nothing. READ MORE HERE

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Great stories about our "first" times

After reading Jeramedic's Blog Post, I was inspired to tell my story about my first field save. It really makes us realize why we do this job. I would encourage everyone to read our stories and tell us about your "first time".… Continue

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My First Time

It was late morning on a weekday in August, and It was my second shift

with my new partner Bobby. The day was going rather slow, and we had

only had one call so far. It wasn’t very serious, and after we cleared

the hospital we were sent to post at Lucy’s panadería. The assignment

was not for any pastry purposes but rather district coverage. Lucy’s

was the half way point between our response area, and that of our

sister station to the north. When ever coverage got… Continue

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Who Is My Patient?

Recently my partner and I were dispatched to a nursing facility for a possible stroke. Being a private ambulance service, we hesitated hitting the lights and sirens...not because we're not a 911 department, but because facilities tend to call us for such situations up to 24 hours after initial onset of symptoms. We decided to err on the patient's side and we expedited our response. Unfortunately, we learned when we arrived that although the family had… Continue

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Two Services Team Up to Win JEMS Games

The winners of this year's JEMS Games clinical competition, Cumberland County EMS/Duplin County. They are, from left, Larry Smith, coach Dave Cuddeback, Brian Pearce and Lee Westbrook. (Photo Glen Ellman/EMS Today)…


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'I Don't Think You're Good Enough'

That’s what Corey Slovis, MD, FACP, FACEP, and JEMS editorial board member told his “EMS Diagnosis and Treatment of AMI” audience Thursday in regards to reading 12-lead ECGs to catch acute myocardial infarction. Now, before you get mad, as Slovis cautioned many times throughout the talk, the same goes for most ED nurses and doctors. Divide and conquer is his advice for those up to the challenge of improving on this skill. He suggests comparing certain lead combinations in certain orders to… Continue

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Thoughts from the Eagles

With the ability to impact the care provided to more than 80 million people, it’s irrefutable that people listen when the “Eagles” speak. So, I was thrilled to learn that I could attend their session. The U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors (aka, the Eagles) decided to present a vignette of seven or eight topics they recently covered at the…


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Drugs, Alcohol & Sleepless Nights

EMS Today opening keynote speaker A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P, carries one of four 30-lb. bags of concrete on stage, a visual reminder of the 120 lbs. he has lost since his gastric bypass surgery this past summer. (Photo Glen Ellman)



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EMS Today Day II

Thursday started bright and early with a 0830 welcome to the conference session. There was a group of pipers who came from the NYFD to bring in the colors, and they put on a great show. A few awards were given, and a number of people were recognized for their contributions. The keynote was given by the editor of JEMS, who talked about his experience with gastric bypass, but also focused on stressors and their impact on our jobs.

The morning session I attended was: 'Trauma Case… Continue

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AMS, CHF and Other Medical Emergencies

For anyone that has never heard Eagles member Corey Slovis, MD, FACP, FACEP, -- you’re missing out! New to the JEMS staff, I didn’t quite know what to expect of EMS Today. Thus far, the conference has exceeded my expectations. Slovis is an infamous presenter known for breaking down critical information into five points. Whether he’s addressing causes or treatments for a medical condition, Slovis always finds a way to stay true to his rule of five. That is, unless… Continue

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EMS Today Conference, Day I

Wednesday was my first day here at EMS Today, in Baltimore, Maryland. So far everything is going smooth, with the exception of parking, but it is a big city, so that is to be expected. The conference is providing free parking, but it is about .5 mile walk from the lot to the conference. It makes me think of the episode from 'The Office' where they complain about the walk from the parking lot to the office.

Registration was very straightforward... and there were not a lot of lines… Continue

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EMS Garage and MedicCast LIVE from EMS Today

We're excited to announce LIVE Podcasts from EMS Today this year! Join EMS Garage and MedicCast LIVE from Booth #3939 (right next to the JEMS/EMS Today booth).

Powered by…


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EMS and addiction

12, 24, 36, 48...Yes, I know sounds like a football game right? For those of us who work in EMS they represent the shifts we work. Yes, I said shifts not hours per week. In any given week, many of us put in 100 hours or more. We actually get paid for doing a job that we love and that is hard to find these days, however, for some of us those long hours come with consequences. Such as broken relationships and families, risk of burn out and last but not least, addiction.

We have all been… Continue

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