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Which Hotel in Baltimore?

I have been to Baltimore a few times now, actually I've lost track to be honest, but this was actually my first EMS Today Conference. Regardless, I am interested in where people stay when they come to the conference(s) and why.

Thinking back a few years ago, one of the first hotels I stayed at was the Radisson which is attached to the conference center. Not a bad hotel, but if I remember correctly it was a little pricey and slightly dated. I don't remember that for sure. Anyone else… Continue

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ESPN Zone - Physio-Control LifePak TOUGH Party

What a great idea! Most people who attended the 2009 EMS Today Conference and Expo either attended or at least heard about the "party" that Physio-Control put on at the ESPN Zone.

On Thursday night, one of the colder days of the week and raining to boot, I headed over to the Inner Harbor ESPN Zone. As I walked over the foot bridge I noticed that a decent line had already been formed stretching in both directions away from the main doors. Just as I filed-in and double-checked that I… Continue

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Dirty Laundry: Flying Home from EMS Today

March 30, 2009

It's 4:30 am and I'm on the way home to San Diego with AJ Heightman. This will be a short blog, just 2 photos. One is of my dinky little suitcase, the other is of AJ's haul. Enjoy!

Hope everyone had a great time at the conference and safe travels home.

See you next year!…


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Dirty Laundry: Day 5 at EMS Today

March 28, 2009

Here it is, the last day of the conference. Steve Berry rocked the house this morning with his closing keynote address. Thank you, Steve, for another great presentation.

Although we were all busy on the show floor and in the conference sessions, we were also in packing mode. Lots of stuff to send back home: Conference evaluation forms, the CEU tickets everyone turned in, the booth materials. Plus there's always a box filled with random stuff we all… Continue

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I have been hearing the thunder from across the network about the term, title and use of the word HERO.

We who have made the choice to serve the public in so many ways from surgeons to girl and boy scouts are all heros as we give of ourselves without regard to the cost because we believe in the goodness and love in our hearts.

HEROS follow a light and the beat of a drum when others choose to ignore or can not muster the courage to do the… Continue

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Embracing the "public safety" aspects - Steve Berry's closing keynote

In his closing keynote at EMS TODAY, Steve Berry (addressing public perception of EMS) urged listeners to adopt some of the professionalism of our public safety counterparts-- fire, law enforcement and the military. He believes we’re a mix of medical and public safety, but that in order to cement an image of EMS in the public’s mind, we should accept that the public affiliates us more with public safety than the medical profession, and we should work with that perception rather than against it.… Continue

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JEMS Games Final Scenario pictures!

Check out these pictures taken by EMS Today show photographer Glen Ellman. The final scenario was a bar brawl with five critical patients. It included off-duty law enforcement officers, an injured bartender, a provider being taken hostage by a patron who ends up being a patient and lots of shootings and stabbings. The continuing education session, delivered by JEMS Medical Editor Ed Dickinson, MD, FACEP, included graphic images of eviscerations, shooting and stabbing victims.…


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EMS Today Closes with a Bang

Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue aced Friday night’s JEMS Games clinical competition finals, which featured a bar scene with five critical stabbing and gsw patients.

Caption: From left, Alex Lozano, Eduardo Trapero, Manny Garcia and Bernardo Bernardo, members of the winning JEMS Games team, pose during the closing keynote ceremonies. (Photo Glen Ellman)

Team member Bernardo Bernardo, NREMT-P, said the scenario was difficult not only… Continue

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Dirty Laundry: Day 3 at EMS Today

March 26, 2009


Yesterday we froze, here is Melanie and me all bundled up with the thermometer. 66 degrees!

On Wednesday, we also met up with Baxter Larmon from the Prehospital Care Research Forum. We knew better than to rearrange his poster boards, and sure enough, he changed it all right when he got here. Love you Bax!…


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Dirty Laundry: Day 4 at EMS Today

March 27, 2009

The exhibit hall opened today and the crowds were jammed into the aisles and booths. Lots of new products to scope out.

Here's Melanie and Tim in the booth:

Bad news is that Tim Francis, our eProducts Director, was in our booth chewing gum and sitting down. He only got away with this because I was upstairs meeting with hotel reps. Tim, you know better! Do it again, and you earn a… Continue

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EMS Today Exhibit Hall Opens Today

The exhibit hall for the 2009 EMS Today Conference & Exposition opened today, and not only is it in an expanded exhibit hall space, but it also seems to me like there are just as many -- if not more -- attendees. People made their way down the staircase and milled around, checking out hot new products and talking with exhibitors.

I went to the JEMS Connect party last night at the James Joyce pub (a ton of fun with the live music,… Continue

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Want to Live Forever? Eat Sushi

I’d never heard Corey Slovis, MD, FACP, FACEP, give a lecture. But his reputation precedes him, and I had heard so much about his speaking style (OK, the content too) that when I found myself with some free time on Thursday afternoon, I decided to duck into the session, “EMS Diagnosis and Treatment of AMI,” to see what all the fuss was about. I definitely wasn’t alone. In fact, even though the 3 p.m. session was a repeat from the morning, it was standing room only. Which wasn’t fun for me since… Continue

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The Handover Blog Carnival

The Handover Blog Carnival is now LIVE! This month's theme is "A Lesson Learned."

Stop by and see if one of your blog posts made the list or maybe just to learn something new.

Contributors this month include Ambulance Driver, Medicblog999, Michael Morse, ER RN and many more!

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politics and lemonade @ EMS Today/JEMS Games

Hey everybody. The JEMS Games preliminaries just ended, and I can’t wait to hear the results. Who’s going to the finals?!? We ended up having 13 teams this year. Last year we had 25! (Yes, it’s that horrendous economy thing again.) But at least each team’s chances of going to the finals were much higher. That’s always nice. Anyways, I did some Q&A with two of the groups, and here’s what they had to say…

Virtua Health, based out of New Jersey, sent along Robert Gardner, Kevin… Continue

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Passing Judgment at the JEMS Games

This is my first time at EMS Today, and my first time watching the JEMS Games. I may not yet know the excitement of watching the final scenario or the glory the winning team experiences (as well as the extent of the bragging they’ll participate in), but I know one thing: The JEMS Games are serious business. Both the competing teams and the organizers take this event very seriously, but that goes double for the judges, who must watch and listen carefully to make sure the teams hit all the marks… Continue

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Are Backboards Bad?

KEDs take longer to apply than a backboard.

Is this a myth, or do you believe it's true based on your experiences? Further, how many of our patients could be put in a KED versus truly needing full spinal immobilization?

While on break from setting up the JEMS Games preliminary course yesterday, I had lunch with the coordinators and volunteers. Over a heavy meal of crab-cake sandwiches and hot wings (and a few salads), we had a light conversation about breweries and… Continue

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Dirty Laundry: Day 2 at EMS Today

March 25, 2009

11:00 AM

Update from yesterday:

Yesterday afternoon the decorator finished the registration lobby. Here are some photos of what they were doing:

And here's a photo of our operations manager, Killian, who is obviously not happy about the signs we ordered. Lighten up, Killian!…


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Duct Tape: Friend or Foe?

Why do we love duct tape so much? Is it because it's reliable? Because it's a multi-tasker? Because it's both handy and a little dangerous?

What I mean by dangerous is that I nearly knocked out my front teeth yesterday when I tripped on some striped caution-style duct tape (while running to get a box cutter, no less). Here's another hapless victim (A.J. Heightman, JEMS editor-in-chief).

What was all this tape for? The JEMS… Continue

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Managing a Difficult Divorce and Balance Work

Managing a Difficult Divorce

Divorce can become one of the most painful experiences of a lifetime—especially if you really loved your ex-spouse-to-be. It’s the death of a relationship.

Back in 1991, I personally went through a divorce....So friends, I know your pain! I’ve been remarried now for 12 years.

Aside from the hurtful emotional upheaval, you will have practical matters to take care of. You have to keep showing up for work to earn a living. You have to… Continue

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Dirty Laundry: Day 1 at EMS Today

March 24, 2009

8 AM

So here we are, in Baltimore. We all got in safely, although the landings were a bit bumpy due to an 18 MPH wind.

Have to admit: the Hilton is pretty swanky. They decorated it in a retro 70’s style, and it works. (And so often, it doesn’t … so don’t even think about getting out the orange shag rug and lava lamp from your garage.)

Bag stuffing went very well on Monday, supervised by our efficient colleagues at Reed Exhibitions.… Continue

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