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Day 10b: Getting the Hang of It!

If you haven't noticed from my blog already, I'm definitely not above pointing out my own failures in hopes it helps others. For all of you EMT students and EMS instructors out there, I just realized something pretty significant: You cannot auscultate the blood pressure until you have fully inflated and started releasing the cuff.

I did not realize that when I was in my lab on Monday. I must have tuned out the TA when he said that.

Today is the first day since…


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Day 10a: Assessing the Patient & Myself

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. I moderated an awesome webcast in the morning, which tied directly into what I'm learning in class. I prepared for our EMS Today conference, which in and of itself is a whirlwind. Then I went to my night class, where we went over about 200 slides on patient assessment in 2 hours. And that was AFTER the break.

Luckily, I've been able to watch on some ridealongs with some amazing clinicians how the patient assessment is REALLY done. Because…


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Day 6: Doing a Skill Isn't Quite Like Reading About It

Last night was our first lab, and I was super excited about it because I've been reading about all kinds of things that are really interesting, but I've been anticipating the opportunity to try my skills.

It was a blast! I know using an oxygen tank isn't the hardest skill in the world. In fact, a caveman really could probably do it (they do have opposable thumbs, after all). I was nervous at first, because of course I had it facing the wrong way so I unscrewed the key for the…


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Day 5: I Ain't as Good as I Once Was...

It's true, Toby Keith and I are in the same boat. He's passing 50, and I no longer have that perfect score that extra points on the first quiz had allowed me to have. (I know, wah, wah, wah. Poor baby.) There's only on direction to go from 100% (which is why I was never an A+ student in college. It wasn't because I had too many late nights partying or anything. I swear. It was a calcuated move to never disappoint myself.) So I guess it was inevitable after my quiz on anatomy, physiology and…


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Day 4: First Quiz Jitters

Last night, we took our first quiz. And let me tell you, I now understand the anxiety even seasoned providers have around NREMT exams. Because I would answer, and then I would think, "Wait a minute. Is that right, or are they tricking me?"

Most of the time, they were definitely tricking me.

In the other cases, I was tricking myself because what I remembered from the instructor's lecture was slightly different from the book. For example, one of the questions had…


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Day 3: Anatomy, Physiology & Death by Vampire Bite

Last night was the first night that our second instructor taught class. He is a jovial guy, which is a good thing, because last night was the night we learned the anatomy of the human body and some limited physiology. Now, don't get me wrong. I think anatomy is interesting. But learning it in one, four-hour class is a tall order for anyone who's just starting out. I mean, aren't there whole classes devoted to just this subject?

It's like when I took a college course on the…


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