January 2010 Blog Posts (11)

Active Federal Lawsuit v. FDNY EMS RE: EVOC

Active Federal Lawsuit regarding the way EVOC class was being run until Lieut retired - these classes caused more failures with women and aggressive terminations after rank and file were already on the street. We believe that the class was run in an arbitrary and capricious manner and as such impacted on men also. If you or anyone you know was affected; if you have any information anonymous (confidentiality will be respected) or if you wish to give an affidavit or seek justice for yourself,… Continue

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Tylenol recall 2010

FDA response to Tylenol recall of 2010

Besides the warning letter, the FDA has released public statements, saying:

“The company should have acted faster. All companies have a responsibility to ensure high quality, safety and effectiveness of their products and protect consumers.”

The FDA says it will “aggressively investigate and solve the problem.” The warning letter says McNeil has 15 days to report on its efforts to address the current problem and prevent it… Continue

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Top 10 Studies from 2009

To recap last year's most noteworthy articles from the scientific literature, David Cone, MD, and LTC(P) John McManus, MD, gave a fast-paced review of the top 10 EMS research articles published in 2009. This was the last session I attended at the National Association of EMS Physicians meeting in Phoenix, and I'm glad I stuck around for it. These papers represent some of the most thought-provoking research published last year that EMTs, paramedics and certainly medical directors should know… Continue

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We're Not Phlebotomists, But Police Are!

When EMS personnel are forced to perform blood draws on DUI suspects, it creates an "adversarial relationship with the patient," which contradicts their patient care efforts. Instead, Michael Frank, MD, JD, suggests that law enforcement hire phlebotomists from commercial labs and request their presence on scene. Either that, or police can be cross-trained as phlebotomists themselves.

Before you can say, "Yeah, right," consider that in Phoenix (where I heard Dr. Frank speak earlier… Continue

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Why Didn't My Patient Survive?

If you're an EMT or paramedic in Detroit, Chicago, New York or LA, you probably know that your city's survival rate from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OOHCA) is in the single digits. If so, what's your reaction to published survival rates of 46%, like that of King County, Wash.? If it's admiration and encouragement, here's what to do next.

Buy Dr. Eisenberg's new book, "Resuscitate!," and take… Continue

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No More Gold or Silver Data

You've probably heard about the upcoming release of NEMSIS Version 3. If you're anything like me, you probably don't know as much about it as you should. Luckily, I heard Dr. Greg Mears, data guru and North Carolina EMS medical director, speak an hour ago at the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) meeting in Phoenix. Here's the lowdown.

The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) project aims to implement an electronic EMS documentation system in… Continue

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Chronicles of EMS Premiere event announced!

Hidden within the brand new Chronicles of EMS website, under the participate tab is a new community unique to the CoEMS experience. Inside this community is the premiere event date and time for the pilot episode of the Chronicles of EMS.

For those unfamiliar with the Chronicles of EMS Reality series, check out my blog http://happymedic.com and my associate/accomplice Mark Glencorse at http://999medic.com. After you… Continue

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My Ambulance Education

I will post here blogs from www.josephfclark.com/blog that are related to EMS.

Here is the first one concerning the book, My Ambulance Education.

I have been asked multiple times what happened to some of the people I talked about in “My Ambulance Education”. Holly, Bill, My brother, and others are real people and their stories are equally interesting and important. They shaped my life and in many ways, continue to do so. There… Continue

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Hey Guys! I just celebrated the New Year and my birthday in the outback of Australia! Having a blast in the land down under! Today I went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

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The Chronicles of EMS continues

Hey all, it was an exciting year for EMS in 2009! not only has our young Profession taken big steps towards acting like a Profession, but we're using social media like JEMS Connect to share ideas in real time. I hope you've been following the updates about the Chronicles of EMS, a new EMS reality series by Ted Setla, a film maker and Paramedic.

The pilot episode follows myself and Paramedic Mark Glencorse as we exchanged ideas across the Atlantic in an International Paramedic… Continue

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2010 - new career

I have decided to change my life and my career.

I have worked for the UK National Health Service as a full time Paramedic in the ambulance service. This s about to change for me. I've done enough time to take early retirement (30 years in total). Still young enough (50) to begin afresh so what have I decided to do is the following...

1. Work as an offshore medic internationally

2. Bank paramedic for South East Coast Ambulance Service (NHS)

3. Bank emergency care… Continue

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