Hi Everyone,
Forgive me if this post sounds harsh... I don't mean it to be... but... it's time to stop the excuses. Yes we work strange hours, usually don't get enough sleep, have busy lives, blah, blah, blah. I was the exact same way about a year ago- I was too tired after a 24 hour shift, I needed to get things done, same excuses. Then one day I got off of my fat butt and decided to change. I was sick at what I saw in the mirror and being tired. So I decided to stop the excuses.

Losing weight isn't about pills, fads, etc. It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. You can go on any diet, atkins, weightwatchers, the zone, etc and lose weight but you WILL gain the weight back when you go off of the plan because you are no longer eating healthy. Once you go back to the fast food, chips, etc you will gain the weight back... there's no way around it.

Getting healthy is HARD WORK. It takes sweat and tears, dedication and determination! It is not easy... if it seems easy, something is probably wrong. Becoming healthy has to be a PRIORITY in your life. Something that you HAVE to do,PLAN it in your day and MAKE it happen!

I challenge each and every one of you (including me) to STOP THE EXCUSES, GET UP AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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You couldnt be more right Jen! Thanks for the inspiration.
How did you get motivated? what did you do that made you switch? What was the first step?
Honestly... I looked in the mirror one day and thought "i HATE how I look naked!" I've hated how I looked for years and I just decided one day it was time to do it... no more excuses. I told my husband about it, bought a great book called Body Sculpting Bible for Women and dived in. I also bought the male version for my husband (he didn't need to lose like i did) but he liked the idea of building muscle. I didn't choose just parts of the book, I choose to do the whole book. It was difficult to start weightlifting at first... I was horrible sore for the first two weeks, I felt like an idiot, etc but I kept pushing through. I kept telling myself "I can do this." After about a month I started seeing some serious change. My before and now pics are awesome.

My husband was a huge motivator for me. He wouldn't let me quit no matter what and I wouldn't let him quit. Many people tried to sabotage what I was doing (offer cake, chips, etc) but I held strong.

You can do this too! If you want more help... let me know. I'm not a personal trainer or anything like that but I would definetly help motivate you if needed! :) Give me a shout anytime! sweetsunny21@yahoo.com
I couldn't agree more! I also recommend You tube as a great support system. There is an entire weight loss community there. Countless men and women that are losing weight all different ways and video-logging their experiences. I even decided to give it a try. My husband and I made a lifestyle change about 4 months ago. We stay under our calories and lowered our fat and sodium. We removed sodas and started drinking water. We don't eat anything fried or white. It is amazing how a few changes can make a big difference. So far for me I have dropped 2 sizes, lost 29 pounds and I feel GREAT!
Woohoo, I am at a total of 31 pounds lost now :) How is everyone else doing??
You are right on Jen. If we make excuses and do nothing... then we are doing nothing. It take a little "planning" time. Preparing the right things to eat BEFORE we go to work. Exercise is sooooo important, but what we eat is even more important. I started reading OXYGEN magazine (great name, huh?) and it has great articles about eating, recipes and working out. Its a woman's magazine but it is great. So, everyone can take a little time before they go to work, prepare good things, and pack that cooler.


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