The history of chemical and biological weapons is a reminder of the physical and mental anguish that was felt when these weapons were deployed. When the first chemical attack took place, there was no respect for human life.  The race began to create the deadliest weapons ever seen on a battlefield. The use of these weapons feel out of favor by the international community but the use of these weapons was reserved for use of nations in desperate times.  If history repeats itself the use of these weapons will be seen again on this asymmetrical battlefield against those that employ terror.  The use of low tech weapons is becoming more prevalent in Iraq and Afghanistan and IED’s could be enhanced with chemical or biological weapons to increase the agent of terror. The Jordanian plot demonstrates this type of transition towards a weapon that will not only increase the amount or people the weapons kill but also the fear that they produce. If lessons learned formed in the past are not implemented there will be an attack of crude gasses that will catch the nation by surprise and the high tech equipment designed to detect and neutralize conventional biological and chemical weapons will be rendered useless. What do you think


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