While on duty as a Tactical Medic are you Armed or Unarmed? Are you a LEO or civilian?

Just want to get a feel for what other teams are doing.......

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At this time, one of our TEMS is armed but he is a LEO. He has been on the team for a few years and was their acting medic. Our other two TEMS (myself and my partner) are not armed. We are paramedics, not LEO's. We were added officially onto the team in October of 08.
I am part of 2 teams one is a city service the other is county deputies our TEMS group is currently unarmed. The city dept has talked about us getting trained to carry the tazer on entries but, we have yet to go through the training. I have been a part of the city team for 8 years and its only been about 1 1/2 years that we even rode with the team in the deployment vehicle. We used to post a few blocks away from the scene until the all clear was given. And we just now got some tactical vests, and even those are hand me downs.
We are a fully armed element as a TEMS Team. To be on the team you must be commissioned LE; but that being said, we have two full-time Fire Department Paramedics that are also Reserve Deputies. We are completely outfitted to Level IV balistic vests, helmets, etc...
Unarmed as I am not a LEO. The armed medic happens to be a LEO first and went to become a medic to serve the team. . I am never in the stack and always pre-positioned to render care out of the line of fire at a "pre-designated" receiving point close enough to render care nearly immediately, protected with ballistic vest, goggles, and helmet, etc.
Our TEMS Unit is an unarmed unit who uses SWAT officer protection. We do have emergency proceedures that if we are treating an injured Officer and a threat comes at us we are allowed to use the officers weapon to defend ourselves and the patient
For BLS we use armed LE already on the team (we have ALS providers, but not a Medical Director or ALS kits for ALS support). For ALS, we rely on our (unarmed) Fire-Rescue medics on standby at a distance.
While I understand the importance of experienced Medics for medical support... as an operator I am more concerned with the experience of the tactical guys. Idealy, one has both experience, but if you have to choose, I would choose the tactical side first, so you don't need the medic in the first place. Just my 1.5 cents.
All of our medics (EMT-P/T) and doctors are required to be armed. We all attend a reserve officer academy and are sworn. We are expected to be proficient tactical operators but our primary role is medic.
I am the senior medic for our SWAT team and I am armed as well as all of our medics. They must meet the qualifications of our team twice a year. We have 3 LEO and 2 Civilian medics.
Trying to start a TEMS program within our fire department. SWAT wants us and they want us armed. Our Chief wants us to be perimeter. Our Local wants to be sure we're going to be paid for insurance reasons. Was TEMS for a private ambulance service in Reno, NV which did well unarmed, but no one wants us that close without guns. Wondering if anyone has experience with fire-based TEMS and how those issues were mitigated. Any suggestions? scdrescher@hotmail.com
Thanks for the help.
We have been part of our city SWAT team for the last 6 years. We have always been armed and are required to join as reserves. To be on the team you are required to qualify the same as any officer trying to join. and must maintain that level. On qualifying the standard A-post score is 70. To be a memeber of the team you must qualify with a 90. No exemption for us medics. even though we are based through the Fire Dept.
I am a TEMS provider in suburban Detroit, I am a career fire fighter/paramedic assigned to our swat team, both of u are armed with a handgun, we both have concealed pistol licenses and MI has an open carry law as well, neither of us are LEO


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