Looking for info about the new EMSTAT. Many providers tell me they are disappointed. If we get some constructive postings we can let MedMedia know our thoughts.

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I can tell you that I am very disappointed with the software. It appears to be set up to be used on a touch screen tablet PC in the field. This makes it visually and functionally difficult to use on a "regular" PC in the station. Our station would much rather have stated with the last version ... or at least a new version with the same graphic setup as the last version.
Justin Keel has hit the nail on the head re: EmStat5. Also the ability to "tab" your way though alot of the fields the use to have quick pick boxes is eliminated. Say, you go to put in the incident location municipality in. If you were working in the city of Williamsport that location would not show up on the first screen and you would have to either click on the "W" letter on the right side of the screen or click the directional arrows along the bottom to get to the screen that had the "W" location name. So far we have not found a way to put the most common used names on the first opened screen so it causes a headache as you now have to load up 2-3 pages of info instead of just clicking on a drop down box as previously used in EmStat4. There are alot of other quirks from the managers programing end that had made it SIGNIFICANTLY less user friendly. I'll come back tonight and if they aren't already out, will type them out. Great idea JJ though I don't know how much MedMedia is likely to change or update the software.

I've always been a fan of the MedMedia products and we're very active with all that Webcur has to offer. The system has made our service 90% paperless when it comes to documentation and sending our trips to billing. We've taken advantage of all that Webcur has to offer from the QA, to the scan and attach. However, with that said the only benefit I've found with the new Emstat 5 is the online application. We're now able to complete and edit PCR's online. One downfall to that is that the online system and the in station system do not offer the same fields. (ie: you cannot enter insurance information with the online version). There is alot of other screens that dont match up between the two. I'm going to agree with the other comments made as far as some of the problems. Overall, I'm dealing with it. I'll give it two stars out of 5. Much would have rather kepts EmStat 4.
Too drastic of an interface change, too steep of a learning curve for users of EMSTAT 4. Charting time has doubled as you hunt your way through numerous fields and click boxes. If you do not use spell check prior to saving and printing all the issues the program has with your spelling are highlighted in the printed chart.
Hmm, this makes me wonder if I should install it tomorrow as I have planneed, is there anyone else who decided to continue with Version 4 and if so what are the consequences other then not being able to upload to the local council in the correct format
I am with Justin K. AS much tech as theese guys do why could they not have an office options written into the program so it woudl be more user friendly? It is like they simply created an entirely new prgram a lot of the options are not even the same. Example. nature of incident. I like emstat but am having some issues aclimating.
I have heard several negative remarks about the new EMSTAT 5 software. However, I have been told that by utilizing touch screen technology, it is very easy to use. As I stopped at the Med-Media booth at the PA Fire Expo in Harrisburg, I found this to make charting easy and efficient as I used the disaster software. The biggest issue is that most of us have is that we have not made the investment to upgrade or purchase touch screen technology for the field users environment. Its almost like having a Lifepack 12 with no cables to hookup to the patient; A very sophisticated device that is great in making our lives easier and improving the outcome of patient care, but unless you have all the tools to make it work right, its worthless.

A few weeks ago I was in a nursing home and witnessed a nurse's aide putting in meal plans and completing I/O's on her patients. She had this type of technology which was on a computer screen mounted on the wall. It reminded me of completing a food order for an MTO at SHEETZ. Her fingers were moving fast as she entered information into the screen. Looked so much easier than typing in all of the orders and then opening a scroll box with a mouse. Obviously change and technology are both things that we all have problems with at times. But having a handheld device or tablet that punches in time stamped information might make documentation more efficient and user friendly for the field responders depending on the responder’s preference of documentation (Narrative vs. Flow Chart).

Also, I had spoke to a few sales people at the JEMS Conference who are dealers of items like the Panasonic Toughbook, ARMOR Technology, ect. who said that they would allow a service to try the technology for a time period to see if they would like to look into purchasing this hardware. It might be benneficial for all those interested in something like this to somehow come together as one group and make one mass purchase to cut cost and help everyone in getting a good deal.



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