What is the best/most effective tool, technique, method, or application that you use (or have used) in a combat environment?

Has it been carried over to EMS use back at home (like the CAT, and hemostatic agents in some jurisdictions)?

Have you used it/them here?

What are the practical applications and potential benefits for the streets of home?

Anything you would like to see carried over to the streets??

Any other observations and opinions regarding this?

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I did 20 yrs never saw combat but I did see plenty of deployed time. Guess I'm just not the right person to answer this question. However, I saw a lot of things used by us first go out to civlant or civpac.
I will actually be giving a lecture on this at the JEMS conference in March, shoot me an email if you would like to discuss this offline, @ crowleyd@davisdefense.com, Thanks


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