I'm thinking about moving to Nassau Bahamas with my 3 year old daughter to get a fresh start for her and I. I visited 1 of the hospital websites and they were basically bragging that they had 4 ems professionals on their staff that are NREMT certified and I was wondering if thats a really good thing down there or what. Also wanted to know if I could get some sort of reciprocity or how to transfer my certs if possible or not.





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Hello John,

I am a NREMT-P and I moved to mexico 10 years ago. I have to tell you it is really frustrating work in EMS here in Mexico. We have no money, and very little people are willing to make the changes to give the necessary care, and I have experienced that if you go the extra mile (buying medications, equipmente, ect.) your doors are shut in your face. I recently was told by someone here, that they have no idea where I came from, but that I show up one day with my rules and ideas, where as they have been EMT-B for several years.

Now I remind you, this is not the case with everyone, and generally is with management personal (I think they are afraid that I would take there job). I have been with the Mexican Red Cross for the past coulple of years, and it seems they are very accepted to my work as an EMT-P.

Last year a Medic (EMT-P) from California came here and worked with us a little, but he left because of the stress and constant fight to give the level of care required.

If you want a chalange, go for it, and I hope you succeed at your mission, but I feel it will be just that a BIGGGGG Chalange. Maybe Nassau Bahamas has a different culture that Mexico, but give it a chance, al least you can say you did it.

Best of luck,

Jose Perez
The for the response Jose. I'm actually waiting for a call back from the EMS Director down there he was on a call this morning or going to one when I got thru to him.


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