A topic that has been on  my radar for some time has been that many adults walk into an EMS classroom and they are expecting to walk out of that classroom knowing how be an EMT. They walk in with a big, empty tool box and we try to fill that tool box with a lot of tools, but we often forget that the last time many of the learned anything in the traditional sense was in a high school classroom, where they had to be there and they didn't want to study. The majority of the adult EMS students could benefit from some 'how to learn' learning.

So, how about it - what do you all do to empower your students to be as successful as possible? What 'tools' do you put in their tool boxes on that first day?

Lets hear it.

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Here are a few resources that I have found.

How to Get the Most Out of Studying video series by Dr. Stephen Chew

Cognitive Principles of Effective Teaching video series by Dr. Stephen Chew

Applying the Science of Learning in Education pdf book

awesome thank you!

First day of class is, how to study. I'm still working on the best resources but I have come to notice that 99% of my students, young or old, struggle because of study tactics. Not necessarily amount of time. I also work on teaching them "root cause anylasis" because they need to be proactive it adjusting their learning if they find what they are currently doing isnt working.

The biggest part of my study orientation is I try to teach the why. The neuro science of how the brain works. I've found that students are more willing to change habits when they can see and believe how important it is.

As for source, a Google will give you millions. I just focus on what I want my outcome to be and learn from sources that match my objectives.


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