I'm sure that many of you are aware that there is a mechanism for becoming a nationally credentialed EMS Educator.  The National EMS Educators Certification Service (NEMSECS) has a mastery level examination available that has been piloted, analyzed and deemed valid.  Candidates who are successful are able to place the credentials "NCEE" behind their name.  We are looking for interested candidates and are willing to schedule additional exam sites for groups when requested.  Credentials are valid for a period of 3 years and recertification is accomplished through teaching hours and adult learning education hours.


If  you are interested in taking the exam and have not found a location to do so, please let us know at www.nemsec.org .  We will do our best to accomodate a test in your vicinity! 

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The advantage of this over the National Association of EMS Educators Level I & Level II credentials would be?


 Great question Dave! Actually, the NAEMSE Instructor course, or it's equivalent, is one of pre-requisites to take this exam.  NAEMSE and NEMSECS work closely together towards higher quality educators.  The level I and II courses are the actual presentation of the curriculum and the NEMSECS exam is the optional credentialing exam that verifies a mastery level cognitive competence.  We often offer the NEMSECS exam at the NAEMSE instructor courses.  Once a candidate successfully completes the NEMSEC exam, they are able to place the credentials NCEE(Nationally Credentialed EMS Educator) behind their name.  NAEMSE has been an advocate and active participant in helping to get this credentialing process organized and continued.  Thanks for the question!


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