Hi everyone!

I'm looking for training programs better recognized through US and overseas.

I already found ECSI & ASHI. Wich one would be beter to start teaching people in my country (Wich is in Latinamerica).

Any advise about it??

With my best regard for all of you



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Definitely ECSI. I teach for ASHI, and it was great at first. They didn't pressure you to buy their materials. They let you create a library of manuals to use with your classes. Then it happened...they merged with Medic First Aid, and everything changed. Now you can't just buy cards. You have to buy the manual that has a card in it. They don't care about anything but money, now. They are worse than the Red Cross.

Hi Rodd,

I respectfully must disagree with Steven. Although I was an ASHI instructor, I did virtually nothing with them.  When I signed up with ASHI they required that I purchase my training materials from them.  When I was in Alaska I was teaching Medic First Aid several times a week and ordering hundreds of books at a time several times a year.  We trained approximately 1,000 people per year in Medic First Aid.


I found Medic First Aid, which bought out American Safety & Health Institute to be a great program.  They have EXCELLENT QA.  The videos were excellent, although they did have some minor gaffs.  They are a class act, they hold instructors to a high standard, they are VERY easy to get along with.  I have a list of telephone numbers ranging from low level CSRs all the way to the executive offices.  The only person I ever had an issue with was a low level CSR, and she did not last.


Yes, as Steven states you must buy their items.  That is to ensure consistancy.  In today's litigation crazy society you must standardize to protect yourself in court.


Also one nice thing about Medic First Aid is that their course is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.  For some reason the USCG requires an additional certificate that is over & above the one provided with the book.  The additional certificates are available at no extra cost.



I understand that any one can have diferences with sistems, but is really good to know  things like : Aproved by the USCG.  Because normally the students say mmmmmm... ok! but, who is the sponsor of this??     Is recognized for... who?        -For me.           -Ham, ok...  See ya! 

I will say that I am currently an instructor for ASHI, but because of our relationship with Jones and Bartlett (from their EMS textbooks) we are currently switching to become an ECSI training center.  The staff from our training center likes the ECSI materials better and it blends better when we are teaching them in combination with other EMS courses.

Is there another company providing well recognized training packages courses?   Or this are the most...
The major ones are ASHI, ECSI, Red Cross, National Safety Council, and American Heart Association.


I have had an ASHI training center for 4 years and have enjoyed a really good relationship with them.  You can purchase just the certification cards at a very reasonable rate which allows you to save considerable money on materials as you reuse books.  The staff at the home office is extremely helpful and will do whatever it takes to answer questions or get what you need to you. The videos and programs are the best I have used.  I do not believe there is a better program out there than the HSI family of brands. 

Hope you find what you need 



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