I did a forum search and found a few similar topics, however those questions where asked over 5 years ago. So I thought I would ask again.

Currently I am using Brady Emergency Care 13th Edition for my curriculum. I like it because its to the point and keeps everything at the basics. That allows me to add in where I feel it is necessary. It also is the closest, IMHO, in regards to testing with the National Registry. However, it is loaded with contradictions, test questions often are too vague and give too little information to make educated answers, pictures are horrible for visual learners, and the book fails to keep the attention of the reader.

Now I only recently received an AAOS 11th edition book from a representative and I was worried initially. The book is almost twice as thick as my Brady but once I opened it up, I felt like I was at disneyland! The way it is written, includes tons of very detailed pictures that really keeps my attention. Its gold to a visual learner. However, it is a very detailed book, which means I will probably be teaching things that I feel are relatively not necessary, Such as 22 points to auscultation. Sure, its good to know but realistically not going to happen in the field. When you add up all of this "extra" stuff, the curriculum isnt as manipulative as is with Brady. I have not yet looked at AAOS's tests or powerpoints thought.

Anyone have some input or experience with either?

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Currently using the 10th edition AAOS at a community college.  Have already told the sales rep that I will be going with AAOS 11th edition in the fall.  I have tried multiple other publishers and books over the years.

   - Steve

Great to hear steve, may I ask why you use them? Have you done research on other books? How successful is your national exam pass rates by using AAOS? Do you manipulate the curriculum or use exactly the information given to you?

My first three classes I taught we used the AAOS 10th Edition. Last year we switched to Brady, mainly to go with their on line format with Pearson. Personally I am not a fan of either for presentations, its death by power point in every sense of the word.

The same can be said for the books we use in paramedic class. I have found its better to build all of the presentations from scratch using the book as a reference. That way you don't skew from the national and state curriculum. 


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