Okay, I'm pretty embarrassed when they showcase my page and I haven't posted anything since ... well, forever. I guess I should have told you about my deployment to Hurricane Sandy but it seems like old news now.

More current news is the Airline crash at SFO. One of my friends was working the medical management side of that and keeping us updated on Facebook. I couldn't be more impressed with the MCI response from both the field and the hospital side.

One thing my friend told us was that this is where drills and exercises pay off. How many of you have gone through them again and again thinking, "this will never really happen ..." It sure did ... 181 patients! Most of them went to San Francisco General. I know they're good, but I had no idea. They didn't shrink from the challenge, but welcomed it. Practicing their disaster plan and good organization made a difference.

The whole story is yet to be told, but overall many people were saved that may not have been. Think about that the next time you grouse about "yet another disaster exercise". The next time may be the real one!

I'd love to hear from you and what you've been up to!


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