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Comment by John W. Magyar on February 2, 2009 at 2:44am
Melissa, is there going to be any help for EMS in the current fed. economic recovery plans? The banks got billions and bought other banks with our taxpayer money and gave bonus' to top execs. Some of us out here need to replace rigs and the banks aren't cooperating. Wonder if EMS is even being considered by our elected officials. Thanks... John
Comment by Melissa Trumbull on January 26, 2009 at 11:45am
John, thanks for your comments. Yes, please post discussion items and provide us with your input because we are listening! We need to know what is affecting you on the street and how we can make an impact federally to provide you with greater access to grant funding and resources. We conducted our AEMS Annual Meeting and Strategic Planning last week. The meetings were very productive and have laid the groundwork for the future of AEMS. We are in need though of all of EMS to become actively involved in advocating for EMS by contacting your congressional representatives on issues impact you,; helping AEMS to build the EMS Congressional Caucus by requesting your House representatives join, and supporting the work of AEMS by becoming a member. The more the EMS community joins together, the stronger our voice in Washington, DC!
Comment by John W. Magyar on January 26, 2009 at 7:42am
Its hard to believe that this group site doesn't have more comments and discussions going on. AEMS is a great organization and I would think that EMS providers who want to see some positive changes would be posting here. I'm sure Melissa and other AEMS officials are monitoring this site so how about some communication from the street to the folks who are working for us on the federal level in DC?
To AEMS, I invite you to check out and join our group "Pa. EMS Providers". We have some really good discussions going on by some experienced & educated providers who are on top of things in the field.
Be safe out there and remember that "EMS is more than just a business".
Comment by David E. Courter on January 20, 2009 at 4:41pm
John - Thanks ! You said a mouthful and all I can add is AMEN !

I presently work 'close in' to an urban center, but earlier in my career I had a 20 minute minimum (on a good day) transport time to the nearest facility. I know that if it were not for the dogged determination of the small town volunteer EMT-B and EMT-I staffed services out there we would have seen some of our patients die while waiting for a highly qualified city crew to get out to the hinterlands.

Unless there is a way to make it financially feasible for a commercial concern to park a rig out in the burbs (maybe something similar to the way we all underwrite the expenses associated with providing cable and telephone service in the less densly populated areas) we had better do all we can to support and maintain the vollies.
Comment by John W. Magyar on January 16, 2009 at 2:57am
We need some serious help with RR&R (Recruitment, Retention and Reimbursement) issues. When approx. 85% of Recruitment and Retention efforts require money to implement and/or maintain, adequate Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement has to be number one on my 2009 wish list.
We are losing too many experienced EMS providers and the kids coming out of school aren't beating down our doors for low paying high risk EMS careers. EMS services across the country are closing up shop due to lack of funding and lack of qualified personnel. Vol. EMS services (which make up a large portion of our overall manpower in the US) can't keep up with all the unfunded mandates dictated by our state and Federal governments. Lets not forget about Homeland Security. Are we "really" prepared to handle potential CBN events? Although EMS does get approx. 4% of Homeland Security funding for first responders, should we be getting just a little more or isn't EMS a high enough priority to the folks inside the beltway? Do our elected officials "really" understand whats happening outside of Washington? Who is going to provide EMS to our rural citizens once volunteerism is dead and gone? Is it better to have many volunteer EMS personnel with "basic" training or NO EMS service at all? 15+ years ago, we had plenty of EMTs and many lives were saved. Today, an EMT needs to have 4 times as much training just to meet minimum requirements for basic EMT certification. Are there any studies or statistics to prove that more lives are being saved "today" by fewer EMTs (with more certificate hours of training) than in the past when we had more EMTs with basic training? Maybe a study needs to be conducted to compare the numbers. Maybe the folks who are responsible for raising the bar so high should come to rural America for a visit to see communities that no longer have EMS because the higher standards have put them right out of business. I wonder how comforted a widow would feel to know that EMTs in larger communities are 4 times more qualified than they were 15+ years ago. How about the parents of a child who died from a simple bee sting because EMS is now twice as far away as it used to be? But, the good news is that EMTs in larger communities are higher qualified than they were in the past.
I certainly don't mean to be sarcastic but someone has to stand up and question the "system" thats putting EMS out of business.
Whats it going to take to wake up the people in power and make them realize that the current trend towards fewer but higher trained EMTs don't save more lives?
Isn't that what EMS is about or am I mistaken?
There seems to be a "movement" in our country to "raise the bar" on EMS training and certifications. I wonder if the people responsible for raising the bar so high (as to push out vol. EMS services) realize what they have done. Volunteers CAN'T keep up with current requirements, thus the reason for our declining numbers of experienced EMS personnel.
Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I sincerely hope someone with some "pull" is listening.

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