Will the Legalization of Marijuana in Wash. and Colo. Allow for Better Care?

Do you think the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado will result in users being more likely to be honest about it, allowing for better care?

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It'll be no different to asking drinkers how much they have had. "Only a couple"........

Stay off the roads in Washington and Colorado.

Dope heads ducking and weaving........

Unlike opiates or that Breaking Bad stuff I'm not sure THC is really an acute worry. Does it have an effect? Sure. Is it possible you could have AMS or <LOC? Sure. But does it really make much of a difference in someone other than a COPD'er? at the acute level. How?

Are people lying about their pot use to you all that much? I've never really had anyone that I suspected of it *not* admit it, and I've had plenty of people cop to it even when I didn't suspect.

Of course, since MJ doesn't typically cause any acute problems besides hunger, I don't know that it really matters. I've never seen a "marijuana overdose," if such a thing actually exists.

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