I remember being the first in my house to wake up that morning, and I heard the shocking news on the radio. I was a senior in high school, and I spent the rest of the day in class watching the news. Where were you, and what do you remember?

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I was in college at SUNY Maritime College in The Bronx. We could see the towers from there, a distance of about 14 miles. I remember hearing that a plane had hit the World Trade Center as I was walking to my physics class. I took a quiz, then walked out of the lecture hall, and as I passed an instructor's office, I was what was happening on his TV. I had just recieved my EMT cert that summer, and was on the college rescue squad. Another member of the squad and I walked to the front gate, and saw the towers fall from there. We called in to the emergency management office, and were told that they were staging ambulances at Shea Stadium. We got there at 1400, and stayed until 2200 when everyone formed a conoy that went to lower Manhattan. We staged in a few placess arouund the area, including the edge of Ground Zero. We didn't have ay patient, all we did was pass out out supply of dust masks. We ended up back at the college at around 0600 the next morning. That was my first call as an EMT
Remember walking into my music class in high school and having a friend meet me in the hallway telling me she had a cousin that worked in the pentagon. At the time, I had no clue what was going on and was kind of confused by her comment. Walked into the classroom and the band director had the news on. We all sat and watched the news unfold. I still remember watching the 2nd plane go into the tower and watching them collapse. What an erie feeling/site to be watching. I don't think we did anything in any class that day. I even think all sports practices were cancelled that day too.
Back in 2001 I was a volunteer EMT-B with 18mth experience, but worked as a first aid instructor. I heard events unfold over the radio whilst doing my 2hr commute to work. I remember thinking that it would be really exciting to watch, as I was intrigued with the EMS response to the event. When I got to work I put the TV on as my students arrived & it was much more hoffific than I expected. I especially recall seeing the bodies falling from the towers. Even way down here in New Zealand, on the other side of the world, we were stunned by it all as our country followed the live footage. It was a very subdued day in class that day, esp for one student who was staying in NZ but from NY. Every time we had a break in class the students rushed to get the TV baack on. I just can't believe that 10 years have passed. The images are still so clear in my mind. It was a day that changed the world forever.
was working station one at kershaw county ems that day and eating breakfast with the rest of the guys watching jerry springer when the news came on after the first plane hit the trade center.we all stood up and were in shock at what we were seeing.i don't think we had a call for hours that day cause everyone else were probably glued to the tv like we were.
My brother and I were down in South Carolina delivering clothing displays to stores.  He was getting a signature from the store manager and I was in the cab of my tractor and had just turned on the radio.  They were talking about a plane hitting one of the twin towers and I figured it was a small plane.  It was overcast down there so I figured it was the same up in NY. And given the way the sky looked it did not suprise me that a small plane might have bounced off the tower.  It wasn't the first & I didn't think it would be the last.  Then they started talking about a commercial airliner & that REALLY did not make sense to me.  I went into my sleeper pulled my tv out of the closet put it on the dash & just as I turned it on the second plane hit!  I knew it was no accident!!  We quickly finished the other deliveries we need to do that day and headed to the TA Travel Plaza in Florence SC.

I was at home when it happened....i showed up to work and was informed that we were in Code Orange...No one can access the building without a building pass and if they dont have it...they dont enter and we didnt allow piggy-backs neither.

By the way I worked security at the building.

I was at work in the doctor's office where I worked as a PA at the time.  How I found out was that people who saw it on TV in the waiting room started screaming and crying, so I went out to investigate.
I was at Borough of Manhattan Community College New York, NY, taking a class; when the first plane struck the Tower. Class was cancelled and I went towards "Ground Zero," I'd parked my car on Broadway and Barclay Street. I walked down Broadway; as I approached Bway and Fulton St: I heard a rumbling sound, loud as can be. People were stopped in their steps; it all came to a silence within seconds and then there was a debris filled smoke that engulfed the streets. People were running; it was impossible to outrun the smoke. It smothered and suffocated you. This ignited my 24hours straight, working in Lower Manhattan. I helped in the ER at Cabrini Medical Center and then worked on the Ambulance: on 04W3 and 04W1...
Going in to Denver and was caught there when it happened. Was heading in for my Grandmother 90 th Birthday. Worked at a Red Cross shelters at the OIR airport for 4 days due to stranded visitors. Got a bus to go back to Oregon. Got to Sacramento and the bus took off.  Half a mile later pulled into a dirt lot we were asked to depart the bus as there was a problem and another bus would come and get us.  Three men were detained and dogs were sniffing and barking in the luggage area. I thought it may have been drugs, turn out the dogs were bomb sniffers. We left the area of foot while other Feds showed up.  It took over 6 days to get home by bus. Many nights were spent in bus stations sleeping on my luggage.
At home off duty. CNN had replays of 1st tower strike well before second tower strike. I knew it was hostile action right off, well before 2nd tower and reporters' guess. Just a few minutes later my girlfriend said 'and we facilitated everything they needed to do it'. Chose to not watch the play by play suffering. Packed up my go kit, went to the gun range for some serious practice. Sorry NY, no self protection tools for you. Went around to neighbors on the block. Worked my ham radio station E-comm rest of the day. Delighted with the few days of border control we had, where did that go?

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