I'm doing a non-scientific experiment here (obviously). But I would like to know what the very last call you did was before you saw this post.

I don't care if it was a mass casualty from a plane crash or a trip to the orthopedic surgeon for a follow up of an old hip fracture, just let me know what you did.

Also for those of you older and off of the streets now let me know what your last call was.

Thank you all

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47 y/o female had not drank alcohol in 2 years. Had a rough week with family problems and drank 2 pints of whiskey. c/o weakness. still blew a 0.175
Gul, is this a cleverly-disguised version of the "Last one to post wins" threads?
I'm not exactly sure what that is to be honest with you?

Ben Waller said:
Gul, is this a cleverly-disguised version of the "Last one to post wins" threads?

Something like this.
I'll admit that is pretty amusing, however that is not the intention here.

I was trying to get a mix of the types of runs that people do on a daily basis for a future in-service project I was working on for our company.

But to be honest with you I like reading these so if it did continue on in the future as an open ended discussion would that be the worst thing that happens?

Ben Waller said:

Something like this.
SAR in mountainous area: patient located at an altitude of 730 feet. 46 year old, female, right tibial fracture and right ankle dislocation; hoisted up on AB412EP aircraft
80 YO Female experiencing some light-headedness and disorientation after her first dialysis. Non-febrile, normotensive, BGL 103.
I backed up one of my crews at a cardiac arrest call at a loading dock a few blocks from my office. First on scene, first CPR accompanied by a couple of LEOs for a few minutes until the paramedic ambulance and BLS E-company arrived. Unfortunately it was not a save.
77yo f woke up with a complaint of dizziness. No CP, SOB, N/V or HA.
58 year old patient, just finished his 4th marathon since quadruple bypass a year earlier, with SOB. Hooked up monitor, oxygen, vitals.
70 yo Female. SOB - recent surgery. ?PE
26 y/o F seizures with an atreriole head bleed spurting all over. HR=160, B/P= 90/p, RESP= 10 and shallow. Clinched teeth

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