What special features and cool accessories are on your ambulances?

Wayne Zygowicz wrote "Extreme Ambulance Makeovers" after a cross-country trip to find out what are currently the hottest items on the market for ambulances. Read it at www.jems.com/news_and_articles/articles/jems/3310/extreme_ambulance...

Anything he left out?

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We have these really cool flashing red and blue light thingies.........
Our newest ambulance has TWO cup holders. Just about the best addition I can think of, and much better than having to wedge a cup of coffee between your thighs..:-)
All LED lighting, even the flood lights. Wow are these things bright. Also on the fly wheel chains.
Well, I LOVE LED lighting, but other than that the only thing to add to most ambulances is a mini ER.
Soft and Hard 4 point restraints....Hmmmmm!! LOL. I hate when they go missing!
I'M sorry I had too!!
we just go five new trucks and they have LED dome lights in the back, aside from the stereotypical blueish tint the LED's have, they are realllly bright, and we are also have two of them with therelective chevrons all down the back of the vehicle...not realllly new overall, just kinda a new to the long island / NYC area
I've been looking into a hybrid chassis on my next unit.

the new LED lights are BAD ASS.....at NIGHT. During the DAYLIGHT, however, i've noticed that they aren't as well noticeable as the previous versions. 

Also, i love to use what i dub the "FRS" or French Response Siren that sounds like a european siren. it's good at night when you don't want to wake up the whole damn area, but enough that people know you're there.

and i'm glad we got a sliding drawer under the back doors for our stairchair...makes for moor room in the side compartments for other goodies and is MUCH easier to remove from there rather than trying to clear the interior frames of the side compartments.

- All LED lighting.

- Red lens map light above the passenger seat. (simple, but I love it)

- Back-up camera and reversing sensors on the back bumper

- Squad bench is now being phased out for captain's chair. Console beside the captain's chair keep frequently used equipment and controls in reach while seated.

- two laptops, one in the front for mapping and one in the back for PCR (used to have a terminal system but it has had a lot of headaches)

- hi-viz exterior designed in consultation with Nadine Levick. Border of vehicle and all doors edged in high vis and large swoosh in hi-viz along side of vehicle.

- large compartment on each side of vehicle to store crew gear.

- opticom system

- power load or tail lift system is budgeted for for introduction over the next two years as part of the transition to "no lift"

- anti-idle system is currently being piloted on three vehicles. System used sensors to monitor electrical load and temperature and will shut off the engine when the vehicle is in park but left on and will restart it if required to heat/cool the vehicle or if drain is getting too high. Have used it on one of the RRU's that it was trialed on and works great, remains to be seen how well it does on the Ambulance.

- flashing red LED's on all doors that activate when open to increase visibility when accessing compartments or loading/unloading

- glove holders built in above the captain's chair in the back

- driver monitoring and feedback system coming this year.

I work for FDNY*EMS. We just got new Dodge quad cabs for our fleet. Its great having the extra room when working the night shift and we finally got back up cams and all LED lighting around the rig. They are great rigs and I can't wait until our entire fleet made of them.

The service I work for has taken delivery of a 2011 GM 4500 chasis ambulance within the last month. In addition to the LED lighting etc, so far the most noticeable addition has been the "Howler" warning system in addition to the standard siren! We have noted a much greater response by other motorists ... that thing will rattle your fillings!

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