U.S. qualification to work offshore on oil rigs and vessels

Hi all,

I need to pick you're brains.


If someone works for the oil and gas industry as a medic in UK waters s/he has to have an Health and Safety Executive Offshore Medic Course (HSE OSM) To attend this the HSE OSM course you need to be a UK registered Nurse, Doc, Paramedic or military Combat Medical Technician Level One etc - but they must be British qualification.


Here's the thing... what about the rest of the world ?


What do the United States have in the way of offshore medica courses and qualification and what is their entry criteria.


For those working outside of US or UK is there a recognized international course or qualification





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Hi Mike,


In the US we don't have national qualifications (health care regulation is done at the state level, as it is not a power granted to the federal government by our constitution).  The adverts that I see seem to ask for experienced paramedics; sometimes military independent duty medicine "preferred."

Hey Skip, thanks for that much appreciated



Anyone for Africa or Middle East have any other experiences or viewpoints on this?

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