I am pitching an idea for the type 1 ambulance.  The module make is decided, the difficultly lies with which chassis.  Ford or Dodge.  I've heard about the engine issues regarding the 6.7L turbo diesel, but no other negative input.  I have not heard much about the Dodge, but I do see a strong showing of Dodges.  I've heard one or two instances on cracks in the frames.  I'm just looking for any input on this.  Thanks. 

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 i have never driven the dodge but we have two f- 450's with the large boxes. these trucks turn great and run like a dream. a/c works great here in the south.

Thanks to both of ya for the replies.  The services I work for, my primary is a career inner city FD EMS in Indy, the other, part-time, is a very rural non profit agency.  Durability/longevity is a must for obvious reasons.  I've heard and seen a lot about the heavy duty AC units, especially in this high humidity/dry Indiana heat, it would be nice.  I didn't think of the tinted windows and the air ride I feel is a no brainer, atleast to me.  My believe, if your going to do it, do it right.  I like Ford, I own a F-150, I haven't heard many complaints about them.  For the Dodge, your the first that I've heard having Dodge.  They seem to be roomy and can't go wrong with the Cummins diesel, and I've stated the rumors with the 6.7L, and the odor is a new one on me.  Lifeline mounts on both, so that's won't be an issue.  It looks you run wheeled coach at Grady?  Anything else you can think of please let me know. 

To Nathan, off the subject:  How's your protocols in Atlanta? 

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