is it true the training fund is going to run out soon and bls will have to pay for all their training and recertifications.

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Not to be harsh, but I thought I'd point out that we're not psychic. You will need to name the state, county, or city that you are referring to.
What training fund? I know of no such beast.
my bad, NJ EMS Training Fund.
Did you try google or NJ OEMS? I heard that Corzine had proposed reallocating the training fund, but I don't know if it was ever actually done.
NY is doing some serious edits to it's voucher program (tuition reimbursement) when you fill out a verification of Membership in a NYS EMS agency affiliation form.

Do some research, it would not suprise me. They will not cut Fire or PD funding I bet.
Only the volunteers are eligible. Otherwise, you have to pay unless an employer covers the cost.

Chance Gearheart said:
People in New Jersey get theirs paid for? Jeebus, we have to pay for everything down here.

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