There is height requirements for the applicant for EMT's? height is important? or life saving skills?

My Height is 5"4




My friend told me that there was a job opportunity for EMT's there in Makati City, they are looking for EMT's with experience, because Makati is business center in our country. So following day i went there and i am so excited coz i really need a job and also its my pleasure to work there, specially in my field (Pre-Hospital Care). But when i arrive to the agency that looking for EMT's, i feel bad!. HR ask me what is your height? suddenly my brain got freeze-up and i said to my self " what the hell shes talking about? they're looking for an EMT but why they ask my height?". So i made a simple conversation to that pregnant HR and i told her: What is important? height of a man for this job? or a man that have a skills to save lives?.


To my mentors, brother and sisters in the field of Pre-Hospital Care. Please i need your opinion regarding in this matter.



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I have some very successful field medics that are 5'4" or less.  As long as you are strong enough to do the lifting, it shouldn't matter.

Sir Kirkwood,


I agree for that Sir Kirkwood, thank you.

I'm 5'2'' I am an EMT and have been for 3 years now.
it's all about heart and dedication I think.
good luck. in your hunt.
I have trouble lifting the cot to its highest extension.  I have to stand on my tiptoes.  It is the only disadvantage to being on the short side but, if I am being honest, it is a disadvantage.

Maybe they were just asking you, your height; so they can get a uniform for you. I hope you went on with the interview. If you didn't like the question; ask her, why did you ask that? Snapping back about the right man for the job, is great but it won't land you a job. If you feel discontent about the interview; you must go your State Labor Dept. Maybe they were discriminating against you. I hope you did finish the interview. If you did, maybe you would have found out why she asked you for your height.


Interviewer: What's your height?

A. Woo: 5'6"

Interviewer: What is your weight?

A. Woo: 165lbs. Out of curiosity, why are you asking me this?

Interviewr: We need to fit you for your turnout gear.

A. Woo: Okay, thanks.


By asking the person, whom you have a question for. You have the best chance to get the answer. It may not be an answer you like but nonetheless, its an answer. Now we can only speculate. Everyone who comments on this; will be hersay. All I can add is that no one should discriminate but in America, many do. It shouldn't stop you from anything. All the best.

@ Alexander Woo:

Hi alexander, I really appreciate your comment, Thank you.



If you're working by yourself and in a 6 foot silo, then I see the relevance. But working with people with various heights makes that mute. That should be on a worksite issue and not a general employemnt requirement. All municipalities stopped height standards for cops in the 90's. It takes all kinds to figure out how to care for someone and that's what makes us good as we are. Don't give up. PS. I am 6-2 and speak Tagalog, should I apply? Good luck EMS brother.

Thank you Sir Andre Jefferson. If you gonna apply to that agency that looking for a standard height of 5"7 you are totally qualified because " matangkad ka, sana mayron din akong height kagaya mo" :-) 


Take care my brother, Mabuhay!

I have worked with several people only 5 feet tall. Some of them lift much better than people 6 feet tall.


Height is not what matters. Even if it were a problem, there are many ways of working around it.


There are patients/situations that require all of us to call for lifting assistance.


We are not expected to call for assistance because of a lack of treatment skills.

I'm having the same dilemma.. I would really love to be an EMT. Will our height be a hindrance for us? What countries have height requirements for EMTs?

I can see where height could matter, but not be a specific criteria.


One of the elements of our physical ability test is the ability to lift a 90 lb. curl bar 48" off the ground, carry it a distance, and place it back in position - which is just like putting a stretcher in the back of a truck.


It would be tricky for a 4'2" person to accomplish.

I am only 5'1 inch. I've been everywhere in this world. Jobs that my height is not expected to work at.(except in military service,how I wish)..I just can't stop to comment on this thread because I am I said, Everywhere in this world bcoz I was in the merchant marine were in a height of 5'5 is required but tnk GOD I was in the service for almost 10 yrs..and now I am an Ambulance Paramedic assign as a Bike Medic here at Qatar,if I may,I could frankly say that I can do the job much better than those people who is taller than me.It is about as you have all said here "dedication,skills and hardwork".

for those comrades who lack in height,dont worry my brothers if I can do it so can u just trust GOD.

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