we just got the Philips MRx and are getting capnography going.Do you think capnography is a standard of care??

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One hundred percent yes!...ABSOLUTELY!
I agree with Tracey.

Duncan Hitchcock said:
I agree with Tracey.
It needs to be used in more than just intubated patients.
I started using it ~5 years ago when I started flying. It's one of the most valuable tools I have now.
Is now mandatory in PA for intubated patients, so standard of care? yes for us. I laugh though; how did we ever make it before capnography?
If it's not, it certainly ought to be!

We made it the same way we did before pulse oximetry and 12-Leads and CPAP and AutoPulse and pacing and RSI and helicopters and Trauma Centers and Stroke Alerts and big ambulances.......the best we could with the tools and knowledge at our disposal at the time. Imagine what the future holds fo our industry.
It's a vital sign.
Don - lol - validate and verify - good job :)

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