Simple question and simple answer: Seeing if the trend is still the same............

Do you prefer TRAUMA calls or MEDICAL calls?

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That was not a choice Duncan!

BOTH could be-- but we still prefer one over another...! I like CODES and new onset arrhythmia's/STEMI/anaphalactic shock/ allergic reactions/ DIB~ (Many of the multitude of s/s I am having right now with that response!!!)

Duncan Hitchcock said:
LOL. Sorry. Actually either.
Duncan Hitchcock said:
LOL. Sorry. Actually either.

That was not a choice Duncan!
Trauma gives me a run for my skills. Much more basic than Medical. Blood goes around and round Air goes in and out. If there is a change you have a problem.
Neither. I rather not do any nor have the enjoyment of my work dependent on the demise of others.
Definately medical hands down. I like the challange of having to think quickly and plus you get the opportunity to see your results. With trauma it is pretty much scoop and go. Then do what you can en route. The problem is 9 times out of 10 you aren't able to fix their problem, only a surgeon can.
With trauma it is pretty much scoop and go.

And if your response to the hospital time is less than 10 minutes I would agree.

Now enter the rural setting. Your time to the hospital maybe more than 2 hours. It is important to note some very small company hospitals ( common refured to as clinics in VERY rural) send out the critical to the big hospitals resulting in a 4 hour patient transport time. No choppers as they monitor the bottom line. Now enter the fact that there are no ALS units.... You get the idea. And yes Virgina there are areas with little to no ALS.
Medical, because if you are far enough away from the ER, you will actually see some of what you do work.
Medical. Forces me to do more critical thinking than the trauma runs do. But those long extrication MVA's sure can be interesting too.
I still am consider by most a trauma junkie. If they're gonna get hurt, might as well do it in my neck of the woods so I can take care of it. But I do like the challenge of the medical calls too.

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