I'm an emt b and i love it alot and plan to one day make this my career but im looking for some advice.. other than paramedic are they any other degree options for emt's? i have seen one online from george washington universtiy that offers a bachelors in ems managament but i dont even have an assocaite degree yet. do they offer assocaites degree programs or what should i take as an assocaites degree course before taking a bachelor in ems managment coursew?

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I would strongly suggest becoming a paramedic if you intend to make EMS your career. In my area, and from what I know of other areas, supervisory positions are almost exclusively the ream of ALS providers. You might also consider a degree that is not specific to EMS like healthcare management.
thanks i never thought about healthcare management
I too would strongly suggest completing a paramedic program. If you take it in a college setting they ussually give you credits for the education and most have an Associates program in Paramedicine or Paramedic Science that you could apply those to. That is what I am currently doing myself.

Another route I am considering once I finish my AAS is the local college offers a bachelors in Community Health Education. That sounds really interesting and can be applied to the EMS field in ways of Community Education and Preparedness.
thanks i just didn't know what to do cause i really like the program i found online its a bachelors in ems management but i didn't know what i should take for my associates first
First - practically speaking, the EMT-P credential is the entry-level credential for a career EMS professional. There are "career EMTs" but their future is not very bright. The scope of clinical EMS is going to get wider, not narrower, and the action will be at the paramedic level.

Second - you don't need to get an Associate degree before you get a Bachelor's degree. But if you're going to the trouble to get a paramedic certificate, get an AS or AAS in paramedicine. Then transfer what credits you can to a baccalaureate program.

Third - get your BS or BA in something that interests you - not necessarily in EMS. A degree in English or math or engineering or chemistry will be just as valuable to you as a degee in EMS. At the bachelor's level, you learn to think, research, write, speak, and analyze - and you can do that with any degree. If you want to study EMS, do it at the graduate level - where you learn to do research and do advanced problem solving. But you can learn that in an MPH program, an MBA program, an MS in Informatics program, an MS in Geographic Information Systems, and on and on. There are a million disciplines that are relevant to and necessary for the future of EMS.

Good luck!
Fully agree with everyone else for going ahead and getting your EMT-P. Not only that, but doing the full program through a college and obtaining your associates. Trust me, back in the day when I went through school I just did the certification. Trying to find the time to obtain a degree after the fact, has been a pain. Something else you might look into dwn the road is a Emergency Management. I know a few guys who went that direction.
To get an AS in EMS, you have to go through the paramedic program. Other than that i don't believe there is an AS degree associated with EMS besides that. My college doesnt offer anything.

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