I am so happy over all of the discussion comments so far I have another to post. So as a mentor for the local College Paramedic program I walked out of the class with a burning question on my mind. How well do you all think the current National standard of teaching in either CCEMTP or NREMTP prepare Paramedics in the field for performing the skill of RSI. I write this though as a man who can show the scar of a RSI gone bad which cost me temporary suspension of the priveledge followed by remediation and now finds me as a preacher of strength to those who like me fall from grace and need a shoulder to lean on to get back up. I ask this as it seems to me what I see of young providers just fresh in doing the skill seem to be walking on water not realizing the true depth below them until the misstep occurs. Is there any cutting edge training ( I already took the difficult Airway Course and found it phenominal) that can be utilized to make us to the level of " the pros". I cant wait to see your thoughts.

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Think of short-term as the first day or 2, not the first hour or 2. Does that change your answer a bit?

Nathan said:

But why is it the only "treatment of choice"?  What is that based on?  I can think of some reasons for the long term but for the short term??  I guess that depends on the definition of short term..

dr-exmedic said:

Yeah, I forgot about CPAP/BiPAP. :) I can probably find some more qualifiers to throw into this sentence if I think about it a while:

That said, ETI is only the treatment of choice for the short- and medium-term mechanical ventilation of the critically ill pt who has failed non-invasive therapy.

"Think of short-term as the first day or 2..."


In EMS terms, that's not short term, it's almost forever.  :-)

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