Hi all 

The latest UK CPR video to be released soon on TV is quite good. Have a looksie on the youtube link and tell me what you think...


The other one I liked for aesthetic value was Sexy CPR but as far as I can tell this one has never been used on TV whereas the Vinnie Jones one will be.


Do you know of any other videos out there


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Hi Mike, 

I rolled on the floor laughing at this, typically UK add agencies. I wonder how many people are going to be searching the iTunes app on their phone to get the music going before they start CPR...

To be honest its the wrong approach, who watches the adverts. Most people get up to go to the loo or make a drink. 

The only approach that will work is taking it to the schools and public places have people actually having a go otherwise its just another channel flip or toilet break and the message is lost. 

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