Looking to see if anyone has information and/or a program in place for Pre-hospital RN training and/or certification.  I am looking to design/redevelop a program and was looking for some input from any EMS'er who may have knowledge of such a program.

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I am a PHRN as well as a PA.  I did not go through a formal program, but was an RN, then took an EMT course, then passed a paramedic written and verified my ALS skills through an ALS ConEd program at one of two local hospitals.  Now, for command renewal, I have to get my med command physician to sign off on my skills yearly.  Just for the record, I do not run ALS.  I got the cert because I used to teach for a paramedic program and they encouraged it.  Now I run BLS but am forced to keep med command in order to be legal. 

There used to be a program at York Hospital in Pennsylvania that prepared RNs for the ALS role.  You might also check with hospitals that have flight nurse programs as they use PHRNs and probably have some formalized education.  CEN or CCRN programs would contain some, but not all, of the same information  and skills.  I would be very interested to find out what you come up with and where you are located.  I have considered something similar for RNs as well as PAs, as Pennsylvania will have by next year I think, the PHPE level, which will be great for me as I will no longer be required to maintain  my RN in order to run ambulance.  I would be very interested in teaching in a program such as the one you describe.



If you would like to chat, as I would....feel free to contact me via email fwurster@goodfellowship.com and we can set up a time to discuss some options.




In Pennsylvania an RN, who is an EMT or becomes an EMT, can challenge the NREMT "Paramedic Assessment Test" and will be awarded a Pennsylvania DOH PHRN certification which will allow them to function as a primary 911 provider, provided that they can obtain medical command from an EMS agency in Pennsylvania.  Sounds kind of screwy, I know, but it does work well! 


Thanks for your input.

Chance Gearheart said:

So, wait, basically they're RNs operating on an ALS level? Huh. Interesting. Thanks for the information, I didn't know anything like that existed outside of critical care/specialized transport.

They exist, but with the exception of an occasional volunteer, I've never heard of one working anywhere but helicopters & specialty transport units.

This is going to be based on a state by state basis as all states regulate EMS and Nursing practice.  There is not going to be a US wide program.  You will need to check with your state board of nursing and with the states EMS regulatory body about this.

There was a 2002 Revison of the NHTSA National Standard Air-Medical Crew Curriculum which was distributed by the Assoc. of Air-Med. Services (AAMS). It offers a fairly comprehensive curriculum approach for Critical Care/Emergency RNs and Paramedics operating in an ALS ground or air transport role including some sub-specialty content on Critical Peds, High-risk OB and Neonate and Device Dependant pts.


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