So I had an awkward situation at the retirement community I work for tonight during a BLS medical call. I'm part of the Safety response department, and we're designated as 1st responders to all PHB (Personal Help Button) calls in a community of 800+ residents.

Here's the gist: PHB for an 88 y/o male, c/c non-localized abdominal pain. Pt stated that he's had this pain before and the last time it happened he was diagnosed with a "internal bleed." Long story short, we requested BLS transport and they arrive on scene and do their assessment. In the process, one of the EMT's turns to me and shoves a PCS (Physician's Certification Statement) in my face and asks me to sign because the patient only has Medicare, and they need a signed PCS form to bill him.

Now I also work for another BLS transport company, so A) I know the process of requesting PCS's, and B) I've never requested anyone of a similar or lower level of care to sign our PCS's. I felt it was a bit uncouth for this guy who has the same certs as I do to ask me to sign his form because I felt it was not a transfer authorization by a higher authority/level of care. In the end, I wound up signing it and specifically noting that I was only an EMT-B on the form.

If anyone thinks I should've acted differently (or done exactly as I did), please say what you think. This was the first time I've been presented with something like this, so any feedback is welcome.

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A PCS, is reserved for MD, DO, PA, and NP to Print, Sign, and Date. Hence, Physician Certificate Statement. Well that is how it's done in NYS. PCS are necessary for Non Emergency Transports. Reason why anyone can call 911 because a PCS is not necessary on Emergency Calls. Lastly, this thread is 2 years old... :p

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