Of course we dont know the whole story at this point but this whole situation was handled terribly in my opinion. Why would you pull over an ambulance with a patient in the back?


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First, you need to watch the whole video on youtube. The news9 clip is very truncated and the youtube video is 3:02 in length. NOTE: It makes the troopers look even worse.

To answer your question - the only reason for this to have occurred is because the troopers involved egos are out of control, and they feel it necessary to show an EMS crew that their LEO badge is heavier than an EMS badge. It is absolutely unconscionable for the troopers to inflict violence and falsely arrest without probable cause someone to gratify their own egos. If they are not severely disciplined, including an apology by their commanding officer to the EMS agency involved, then shame on the OK HP - the organization doesn't deserve a modicum of respect.

Somehow they seem to have forgotten that we are all on the same team, and that we are all part of those that exist, and get paid, to protect and serve the public. Their was a patient in the ambulance, for crying out loud!

I understand that these guys were tribal EMS officers - maybe the FBI or the Bureau of Indian Affairs can take up the cause. But if I were an EMS folk in OK I would be very concerned about any encounter with a group of armed, out-of-control officers. However, my faith will be restored in the agency if its senior officers step up and do the right thing. (If I sound skeptical, it's because I believe the video showed that one of those involved was wearing gold, as in a supervisor already.)

As a chief, I would be in the Superintendent or Chief's office the next morning, with my senior elected and administrative officials behind me. I hope these medics get some backup! And since there was time for the troopers to come together, I hope that an EMS supervisor was en route also.

As a paramedic I've had a few run ins over the years with these God complex cops. Trooper Fife should be terminated and charged with interfering with EMS. If that had been me I'd probably be fired myself for kicking his dumb ass.
the cops should have made a report to the medic crew's supervisor and followed up with any issues when the community was not a witness to this horribly unprofessional behavior. we should be a unified team, at least when it comes to inspiring public confidence.
Can you say rookie cop? I know that we don't know all the story, no one ever will, even the courts. But I DO hope the medic has support and backup. I believe this was way out of control and the officer should really get fired and counceling at the very least.
What is the actual law here and where could one find it to read?
Nothing warrants this behaviour. Nothing.

Pray they never wake with chest pain.

Pray that when Bubba wants a new cell mate they don't need an ambulance.
I have now watched this video over several times and can not beleive the complete disrgaurd this officer has for the EMS crew, The patient, the family of the patient and the general public. He overstepped his authority and truely committed a crime himself. Once the officer was advised they were transporting a patient and had that been his mother or family member on board, would he have conducted himself the same way...I think not. The only concern he had was to satisfy his own anger.

I feel the EMS community needs to support these EMS professionals. I looked up and found a website to the Oklahoma State Patrol. On the home page is a link to "contact the chiefs office" under his picture, I feel we need to all contact the chief with our concerns. This needs to be done in a professional manor, not derogitory, to show that EMS is a brother & sisterhood just like LE, and we do respect law enforcement officers as a whole, but this officers actions must be delt with swiftly.

This is the website for the OHP. http://www.dps.state.ok.us/ohp/tngrct/default.htm
I completely agree with Skip. This is terrible. On the OHP web site states, "To accomplish our mission and provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of Oklahoma, and to assist governmental agencies during emergencies when requested, the OHP is committed to the following core values as the foundation of our pledge to public safety and service: LOYALTY, HONESTY, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM, and SELF-DISCIPLINE."

There was no public safety for the patient, the paramedic or the family. There was not respect, professionalism or self-discipline on behalf of the Trooper. The Trooper could have done this 10 different ways, but he chose poorly. I understand the paramedic and his "fight" to ensure that his patient was number one. He was being an advocate for his patient when she could not. It is troubling to see a member of our community assaulted on camera by the "good guys".


This is the paramedics incident report if you guys are interested. Kevin, I sent an Email. thanks for the link, lets be professional though guys when emailing regarding this.

This looks like a clear case of obstruction of Pt care which Im sure the troopers have not been educated on. That Paramedic cannot willingly leave his patient with out being open to charges of abandonment. According to the incident report when the Medic tried to file a complaint with some officers regarding the incident he was told it wasn't their job to take a complaint on a fellow officer, I want to ask, who's is it? Im very glad I do not work with people like those officers.
Here is the OK statute

§21-650.3. Delaying, obstructing or interfering with emergency medical technician or other emergency medical care provider - Punishment.

Every person who willfully delays, obstructs or in any way interferes with an emergency medical technician or other emergency medical care provider in the performance of or attempt to perform emergency medical care and treatment or in going to or returning from the scene of a medical emergency, upon conviction, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six (6) months, or by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), or by both such fine and imprisonment.

nathan said:
WE need to come together and continually email the Oklahoma Highway Patrol until they answer for the actions of their troopers. Here is the OHP Chief's email address: choffice@dps.state.ok.us The OHP tropper that pulled over the ambulance is Daniel Martin badge number 606 His captain's number is 918-423-3636


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