Has anyone done the paramedic to Rn bridge program? If so could you please give me some information on it, specifically online programs

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Sorry, I don't know of any on-line Paramedic to RN bridge programs. I would be suspicious of such a program anyway. Our local community college has a bridge program. Our agency has had about 20 folks take this route and it has been very successful.

Drop me a line if you want any further info.
I was enrolled in the Excelsior College (previously Regents College) medic (or RT) to RN program. It was cool, go at your own pace. It's based in Albany NY but you can do it online from anywhere. The program is accredited and very well known. Nothing to be wary about, though it may be more of a challenge to get a job following graduation. Just go to www.excelsior.edu. I was almost finished when my cardiologist (and wife) convinced me I’d be more content as a physician. The program is not for procrastinators or those who cannot learn on their own, and finding someone who actually completed the whole program is like finding… I don’t know… something that’s hard to find. Anyway it’s not tremendously expensive and you can do it in under a year or up to nine years. Actually the didactic can go as quick as a year but scheduling the clinical portion can take up to or more than 8 months after you complete the book learnin'. I didn't want to waste that much time and spent that time getting a Bachelors at Umass UWW. Good luck if you try, props to you if you finish.

I just finished the Excelsior Paramedic to RN bridge program. I just received my ASN degree diploma in the mail last week and I am now considered a graduate nurse (GN). I'm fortunate that in NYS when you graduate from a state accredited program (which excelsior has National League for Nursing accreditation) you can work immediate upon graduate as long as you have applied for licensure for 90 days, and you can work for 1 year on a limited permit without taking NCLEX-RN boards. At the start of last year I applied at the local hospital that I work for in a "nurse incentive" program and recieved a full ride scholarship from them for my tuition and books, and in return I must work for them for 2 years to repay the debt. I will say that without the scholarship and the non-traditional Excelsior program I would not have been able to obtain my goal of becoming a RN. I did have a B.S. in Biology heading into the program so I only had to complete the nursing classes which took approx. 6 months to do. Now I wouldn't recommend the speed at which I did the courses but I was very motivated and ended up with a GPA of 3.5. There is finally clinical component to the ASN program through excelsior and that has a wating list of up to 6 months, so the entire program including the wait for the final clinical took exactly 1 year, start to finish. The program typically takes 2 years to complete just like a traditional nursing school. I have been fortunate to have this program and the hospital work for. I interviewed in ICU, CCU and ER. Unfortunately NYS has a stipulation that you have to have 1 year RN experience before working in the ER and CCU did not have any position. I was offered and accepted a full-time position in our level 2 trauma ICU. I acutally start orientation tommorow.

I will agree with the 1st poster that this program is not for those that are not self motivated or are procrastinators. This program can and is being done. I will also put out there that Excelsior does have some downfalls, one of them being that some state Board of Nursing (BoN) who determine state by state licensure requirements don't like Excelsior, and it can be difficult finding a job. One of those states in CA, and in about 6-7 states there are "extra" requirements of Excelsior grads like in Arizona you must complete a state required 200 hour externship before you are allowed to sit for NCLEX-RN boards. And for example in Colorado you cannot sit for the initial NCLEX-RN exam as a Excelsior grad but you can sit in NY for the boards for example, and per there BoN after 2000 hours of experience in another state request reciprocity, and you can be giving a CO Lic. So all in all there are about 8 states that have restricitions and I would encourage you to contact the nursing program prior to enrolling to find out if there are any reistrictions in you state. I have been fortunate that in NY state they love excelsior.

As with anything there is in live you have to way the benefits versus the downfalls, and choose the best route for you. I will say that this program is not for everyone, but for alot it is, you make the choice. If you have any questions at all, please dont hesitate to contact me on here or in a email (c.ellis@yahoo.com), i would be happy to answer any questions you have!!

Chris Ellis, GN, NREMT-P
Thanx for all of the information
I have to warn you of one program, they will rip you off, and that's Distance Learning Center. It is advertised in JEMS and EMS Magazine. They are out of Indiana. They advertise Paramedic to RN study. However, they use Excelsior, and like Chirs stated above, you have to be careful about some states. And worse of all, if you sign the agreement for funding, you better read the small print...you have to pay the whole amount, even if you change your mind about the program. Do your research and don't use that company.

Luis Ortiz, AA, EMT-P

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